Tours & Activities in Timisoara

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Timisoara 2-hour city tour
Explore one of the biggest cities in Romania on a 2-hour guided walking tour in Timisoara. visit the Orthodox Cathedral, explore the Old City Hall and admire the Catholic dome-church, Serbian-orthodox Cathedral and Arts Museum.
Price from 38,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Timisoara: Guided Walking Tour
User rating
Explore the historical center of Timisoara on a walking tour. Revisit Ottoman times, admire the architecture, explore Unirii Square, and learn about the Romanian Revolution of 1989.
Price from 20,00 EUR
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Timisoara All in One - Walking and Tram Tour
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Timisoara is that place where you don't know why are you going, but you feel very good once arrived there. We'll combine a walking tour in the Old Town with a car ride in the other neighborhoods of the city. We'll explore the city one end to another and we'll talk about old history as well as about the most recent events. Time for lunch in a restaurant according to your preferences.  Fun facts, trivia and recommendations about food and drinks are included 🙂 .
Price from 130,00 EUR
Museum of the 1989 Revolution + Best of Timișoara Tour
Discover Timișoara, where the country's revolution began
Price from 29,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Swedish Danish Canadian Spanish Czech Dutch French Russian Korean Greek Polish Italian Japanese German Chinese Portuguese
Day trip to Arad from Timisoara
Enjoy a full-day trip to explore Arad and the surrounding villages with pick-up service from your accommodation in Timisoara.
Price from 146,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Timisoara Downtown Dream Tour
User rating
Discover the architecturals marvels from Timisoara Cetate neighborhood. Listen to some very interesting stories about Timisoara history. Get some insights from present life in Timisoara and Romania.
Price from 20,10 EUR
Timisoara: Shared Guided Tour in English
User rating
During this 2 hour walking tour we will get to explore the history of the city and talk about what happened here in the last 700 years. We'll see the main sights in the 4 main squares, but also hidden elements that you would surely miss without taking part in this fantastic tour.
Price from 20,00 EUR
Discover Timișoara in 60 Minutes with a Local
See Timișoara through local's eyes, uncovering the city's true essence in this small-group walking tour. Get tips on the best bars, cafes, and restaurants to visit.
Price from 53,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Timișoara: Capture the most Photogenic Spots with a Local
User rating
Embark on a 90-minute journey through Timișoara with a Local, combining picturesque highlights with authentic cultural insights for a truly immersive experience.
Price from 79,00 EUR
Day trip to Corvin Castle and Sibiu (and back) from Timisoara
User rating
This tour takes you to the most beautiful Gothic castle in Romania and to Sibiu, the Capital of Culture in Europe for 2007.
Price from 140,00 EUR
Timisoara: Grand Communism Tour
User rating
Join a fascinating tour on the communist dictatorship of Romania. Visit historically important places and monuments in Timisoara, such as the Reformed Hungarian Church.
Price from 90,00 EUR
One Day in Transylvania - Departure from Timisoara
User rating
This full day tour (~12 hours) includes pick up and drop off at your accommodation in Timisoara and includes 4 sights. It is mainly a historical tour (you'll here the history of Romania presented chronologically), but also we'll also talk about Romania nowadays. We'll cross the Carpathian Mountains twice admiring beautiful landscapes and we'll enjoy a traditional Romanian lunch in one of the local restaurants next to Corvin Castle.
Price from 280,00 EUR
Timisoara Sightseeing Tour
User rating
The walking city tour starts in front of your hotel and takes about two hours. Explore one of the biggest cities in Romania, built on the site of an ancient Roman fortress form the 13th century.
Price from 35,00 EUR
The Grand Tour of Communist Ages at Timisoara
User rating
In December 1989 the communist Romania could be considered as a mental-hospital where the lunatics were running the asylum and the “internees” were punished for their sanity. How did we get to have one of the most symbolic dictatorship regimes in the modern history? What and who are to be blamed for this tragic condition? And not the last, how did courageous people stood-up and repudiated the evil leaders?   The Grand Tour of Communist Ages is trying to provide answers to these complex questions, and not only.
Price from 110,00 EUR
Timisoara: Dream Tour in Fabric Neighborhood
Take a taste of interesting Art Nouveau architecture from Fabric. Listen interesting histories some 130 years ago about Fabric life. Discover the hidden gems of this wonderful historical neighborhood.
Price from 20,10 EUR
The Jewish Heritage Tour of Timisoara
User rating
Timisoara might not have the famous Jewish attractions of Josefov quarter in Prague, but for sure is equal generous with its Jewish-related life-stories and historical events. Moreover, brilliant natives of Jewish ethnicity changed for the better Timisoara and surrounding region. Alongside the impressive synagogues, a large number of Timisoara’s valuable buildings were either financed or designed by Jewish townsmen. All of these above mentioned are parts of the Jewish heritage of Timisoara, and we are inviting you to discover it!
Price from 95,00 EUR
Timisoara: Dream Tour in Elisabetin Neighborhood
User rating
Let's take a wonderful ride in one of the historical districts of Timisoara, Elisabetin. Let's admire some Art Nouveau small palaces from Elisabetin Let's listen some small histories about it.
Price from 20,10 EUR
Taste Romania - Timisoara's Food Tour
User rating
This tour is just perfect for those who want to try Romanian cuisine but also learn a bit about Timisoara, European Capital of Culture in 2023. We'll eat a 4 course menu and this will be the chance for you to discover some of the best local restaurants in town but also learn about the history of this amazing city.
Price from 120,00 EUR
Timisoara: Classic Walking Tour
User rating
If you just arrived in the city and are eager to see and learn more, join this tour to get a general overview of this beautiful city. Discover its main attractions, learn about its past and hear about its present.
Price from 30,00 EUR
Day Trip to Turda Salt Mine and Corvin Castle from Timisoara
User rating
Get the chance to visit two of the most amazing places in Romania: Turda Salt Mine and Corvin Castle. We depart from Timisoara for a full day trip with a first stop in Hunedoara, where we will do a tour of Corvin Castle, the largest gothic structure in Romania. Go up the towers, see the torture room and be impressed by this mesmerizing place. Next Stop: Turda Salt Mine - a magical places located in the heart of Transylvania and surely the most spectacular underground place in Eastern Europe. Formed more than 13 million years ago, these salt deposits are now part of a museum, located 120m underground. A truly unique experience that you cannot miss!
Price from 160,00 EUR
Timișoara: Express Walk with a Local in 60 minutes
Discover the charm of Timișoara from an insider’s perspective in a 60-minute walk with a Local. Explore its landmarks, enjoy the vibrant culture, and learn about its rich history.
Price from 59,00 EUR
Ecumenical Tour of Timisoara
User rating
Ecumenical Tour – presume visit, with certified guide, the most representative churches from Timisoara. A brief history of the evolution of spirituality of Timisoara, description of every place of worship visited, the way that cult influenced the development of community (ex: Roman Catholic order Piarist), specific spiritual heritage and representative personalities.
Price from 10,00 EUR
Timișoara: Best Introductory City Tour with a Local
Step into the heart of Timișoara with a local who will take you on a fantastic walking tour of the city's iconic landmarks. From historic sites to hidden gems, uncover the best of this vibrant city and get local tips on bars, cafes, and restaurants.
Price from 99,00 EUR
Nera Gorge National Park - Private Day Tour from Timisoara
User rating
Surely one of the most beautiful National Parks in Europe, and the longest gorge in Romania, Nera Gorge-Beușnița National Park is a perfect place to spend one day if you are in Timisoara and what to escape the city and enjoy spending time in nature. It's only 2 hours away from Timisoara and definitely worth the trip if you want to get to explore wilder parts of Romania.
Price from 280,00 EUR
From Sibiu: Timisoara Highlights Day Trip
User rating
Visit Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture 2023, on a tour from Sibiu. Learn about the history and mix of cultures found in Timisoara as you see religious buildings and important landmarks.
Price from 100,00 EUR
Day trip to Timisoara, departure from Szeged
User rating
We drive across the border to Romania and we arrive in Timisoara in about 3 hours. We start the chronological tour of this beautiful city. The city's history has a bit of everything: Hungarian Kingdom, Ottoman Empire, Habsburg Empire, Romanian Kingdom and Communism. After a 2hour city your of the historical center, we'll stop for a traditional Romanian lunch. Drive back to Szeged at the end of a beautiful day.
Price from 240,00 EUR
From Timisoara: Danube Gorge Day Trip with Transfer
User rating
Drive through the dramatic Romanian landscape on a guided tour departing from Timisoara. Enjoy a hotel pickup and arrive at the striking Danube Gorge and the imposing Rock Sculpture of Decebalus.
Price from 136,00 EUR
2-Day Private Tour of Transylvania with Visit to Dracula's Castle
User rating
Discover Dracula's Castle in a 2 day trip from Timisoara. Since Timisoara will be European Capital of Culture in 2023 we would like to offer you the opportunity to discover probably the most famous attraction in Romania - Dracula's Castle. This 2 day trip is truly special and will stay with you forever not only because you will get to see Dracula's Castle but you will get to truly experience and discover Transylvania! We will get to stop to Corvin Castle which is the largest gothic structure in Eastern Europe and one of the best castles Romania has to offer. Calnic Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is another important stop during our trip. Here we will get to talk about the famous fortified churches in Transylvania. Sibiu and Brasov are two of the most important cities in Romania and are included in our trip, together with Carta Abbey which is a unique spot in Romania and the easternmost Benedictine Abbey in the world. Join us in this amazing trip!
Price from 900,00 EUR
From Belgrade: Private Day Trip to Romania
User rating
Spend the day in Romania and get a taste for a different culture on a private day trip to Timișoara from Belgrade. Explore one of Romania's biggest cities, built on the site of an ancient Roman fortress.
Price from 189,00 EUR
Timisoara Downtown Dream Tour
User rating
Fascinating stories of Timisoara from the past can be enjoyed during our journey through the 4 central squares of Timisoara Let's discover the architectural wonders of Timisoara Walk through the history of Timisoara, the Cetate neighborhood: Fascinating stories of Timisoara from the past can be enjoyed during our journey through the 4 central squares of Timisoara: Victoriei Square, Libertatii Square, Unirii Square, and Saint Gheorghe Square as well as on the streets in their vicinity. We will therefore admire the priceless architectural treasures from various eras, in this area, where we can meet embodiments of the classicist, historicist styles of the late 19th century, then of the secession at the beginning of the 20th century, but also the famous baroque style of some cultural settlements in Unirii Square and beyond. The purpose of the tour is to get to know and popularize these invaluable cultural and architectural treasures of the Cetate neighborhood.
Price from 20,00 EUR