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Free Tour Betanzos and its great history.
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Welcome to this incredible corner of Galicia where history, culture, ethnography and gastronomy go hand in hand for the enjoyment of great tourism lovers.
The Free Tour will try to offer a historical and geographical vision through the customs of the betanceiros. Secular traditions linked to the guilds and brotherhoods of the city that have prevailed over the years are preserved.
The Plaza de los Hermanos García Naveira is the starting point for this monumental visit. Known as 'O Campo' for being the place where historically the important fairs and markets of agricultural, livestock and craft products from the now defunct province of the same name of Betanzos were held. Over time, it became the backbone of city life, as evidenced by its splendid monumental buildings:

  • Saint Anthony's Hospital
  • Diana's Fountain
  • Don Juan's House
  • The Archive Building
  • The Church and cloister of Santo de Domingo with its baroque tower from where the famous Betanzos Globe is launched, are a good example of this.

We will meet at the García Naveira Brothers Statue while explaining the life and work of these great Betance patrons Juan and Jesús who also promoted the construction of the Parque del Pasatiempo, a work unparalleled for its originality and charm.
Once the main historical and geographical data of the city has been clarified, we will enter its magnificent old area where we will witness the great heritage wealth of the town.
We will visit its important Gothic churches for which Betanzos is known as the capital of Galician Gothic. Important in this sense is the figure of Fernán Pérez de Andrade, perhaps the most illustrious of the nobles of Betanzos, who is also known as the City of Knights.
Through its tortuous streets with a medieval layout, we will also find important modernist buildings such as El Palco de la Música, La Casa Núñez (today the headquarters of the Centro de Internacional de Estampa Contemporánea) and Las Escuelas García Naveira.

The Tour will pass in an entertaining and fun way through the different anecdotes that make up the history of the city.
Do not hesitate to book your place, it is a unique opportunity in an unforgettable destination!

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