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Marchena Monumental and Dehesa de Montepalacio. Hiking route...
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Marchena, walls, churches, squares and monumental streets. Islamic, Renaissance and Baroque art. In its streets we tell the story of Jews, Moors and Gypsies and how they shaped the ancient arrow and flamenco in the city. We take a lunch break in Marchena and take our car to leave Marchena and five kilometers to find Montepalacio. Another option is to eat food from home in Montepalacio. At the Montepalacio pasture we will get to know the last medieval pasture that remains in Andalusia where until the 18th there were wolves. Today in Montepalacio we find cork oaks and pines. Lizards, snakes and birds such as the hoopoe abound, coexisting with the common hedgehog, rabbit, hare, genet and fox. In the cork oak of La Mocheta ", cork oaks reach a diameter of up to 4.30 meters, with an estimated age of 400 years. This site is included in the catalog of singular trees and groves of Andalusia. Marchena can be reached by train from Seville and Marchena to Montepalacio in private cars or, if you prefer, we can rent a microbus at the price of five euros per person. Https://

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