Iceland gives a unique travel experience with some unforgettable adventure. Known to the world as the land of the midnight sun, what makes Iceland so popular? It remains a wonder to the tourists and geologist about the various natural phenomenon of Iceland. A country with extreme temperatures below degree zero remains one of the world’s popular tourist destinations. Why? Incredible to believe but you find natural geothermal hot springs, over 125 volcanoes and so many fjords. The slow-moving glaciers formed unusual land shapes. A large list of tours and activities are available for tourists visiting Iceland. Selecting the correct tour remains important when you travel to Iceland. Over here is a list of the most popular tours for you to experience the best of Iceland.

Golden Circle Tour

The golden circle tour covers three spectacular natural wonders in Iceland, the spectacular natural Geysers, Gullfoss Waterfall and the Thingvellir National Park. It remains a whole day trip with thrill and exciting adventure.

  • Natural Geysers – The spectacular natural hot water shooting out from the ground at regular intervals surprises every tourist visiting this natural attraction.
  • Gullfoss Waterfall – Waterfalls are the hidden treasure of Nature and Gullfoss Waterfall remains no exception to it. Watch the sensational high-speed waterfall flowing at an average speed of 109 cubic meters per second.
  • Thingvellir national park – Thingvellir national park remains the only UNESCO heritage site of Iceland and offers some incredible scenic beauty. This site also remains popular as the world’s oldest parliament. You find here a tectonic plate pulled apart each year forming a rift valley that remains a natural wonder too.

Blue Lagoon

Experience the Volcano Walk Tour

Just imagine the thrill of hiking a mountain top covered with Ice which actually remains a Volcano. This sensational adventure activity is possible during your Iceland trip. Iceland also has one geothermal pool called Blue Lagoon. This pool naturally outflows hot water for the whole year. Scientific research proves the emerging hot water is mineral rich and good for your health and skin. Get an opportunity to see the Blue Lagoon during the Volcano walk tour while hiking at the mid-Atlantic rift.

Visit Perlan Museum

When you visit a country filled with Ice, what makes an Ice Museum stand apart? The geological formation of Iceland with glaciers remains so unique that it is exhibited through a man-made museum. At the Perlan Museum, you find all the wonders of Iceland under one umbrella. You find Ice caves, glacier exhibits while moving through the 100 meters of frozen tunnels. Feel the chilling temperature of the minus ten degrees inside the tunnel and get a breathtaking experience. There is a 360-degree observation desk giving a panoramic view of the Snæfellsjökull glacier, Reykjavik and the countryside. The Perlan Museum also broadcast Planetarium show taking you through the unique landscape of Iceland. Visiting Perlan Museum remains a sensational experience for tourists visiting Iceland.

Northern Lights

Experience the Northern Lights

The unique phenomenon for the occurrence of a natural patch of light on the clear sky surprises the world. Science explains when gaseous particles in the earth’s atmosphere collide with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere this unique natural light emits. There are spots where this unique light is observed, however, it is not guaranteed as it remains a natural occurrence. Winters are however best spotting these unique lights. On a dark winter night traveling in a boat for watching this spectacular light show gives a thrilling experience.

Watch the amazing Whales

Watching the Whales in their natural habitat remains a great experience. Whales are large mammals with an extremely interesting habitat. They possess some unique characteristics that make them so special. Watching them closely in their natural habitat always remains a thrilling experience. This extraordinary tour takes you to the exact spot on the sea where you can see these amazing species. You see two types of whales, the Minke whales and white-beaked dolphins. Dolphins are smaller in size than of a whale but belong to the same family. Watching them diving and playing in their natural habitat remains a unique experience.


City Sightseeing Reykjavik – Downtown

The downtown of Iceland remains an excellent place to explore. There are many city attractions which you can explore at your own pace. The Hip on hop off bus tours remains the best way of exploring the city of Reykjavik. Important attractions include the Hallgrímskirkja Church and Harpa Concert Hall where you spend time seeing these spectacular beautiful buildings. The city of Reykjavik also has many restaurants and museums where you can eat and walk around spending time. Other important places to visit during this Hip on hop off bus tours are Laekjartorg, The Old Harbor, National Museum, Perlan, Kringlan Shopping Centre, Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, Laugardalur Valley and Skarfabakki Harbor.

Are you visiting Iceland?

Booking the best tours during Iceland trip is important as it gives you the best experience of visiting a country with the land of extremes. Iceland tours remain costly, and selecting the correct tour from an authentic tour operator remains extremely important. The list of tours mentioned over here remains the most popular among tourists. Book these tours and experience the best of Iceland. In case you want to find other available tours during your Iceland trip, check out here!


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