There is no doubt if we call Cairo as one of the world’s greatest mega-cities full of wonders. It is the city that houses one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Pyramid of Giza. This Egyptian Capital city nicknamed as thousand minarets has for some of the splendid Islamic architecture in the world. Cairo is a point of attractions for historians because of so many unique Pyramids nowhere else found in the world. Cairo is a great city where you find amazing food, culture and nightlife other than marveling around the ancient edifices. The list of tours and activities in Cairo are over thousands. For the first time visitors, it might be a daunting task to shortlist. Stick to this list and find the top tours and activities to do in Cairo, the city of Pyramids.

The selected list of top tours and activities to do in Cairo

Visit the Pyramids at Giza and Sphinx

The world knows about the Pyramids at Giza, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Visiting the Giza plateau to watch these pyramids is probably the first thing any tourist do after visiting Cairo. It is important to book a guided tour to understand these Pyramids histories in a better way. Moreover, Egypt is extremely hot, and the guided tours pick you up from your respective hotel with a transfer in Air-condition coach. The Giza plateau has three major Pyramids which are guarded by the Sphinx, a mysterious ancient monument of a reclining lion with the head of a Pharaoh. It remains a mystery to the world about how centuries ago these heavy limestones rocks were placed on top of each other with such perfections.

Pyramids at Giza and Sphinx

Enjoy Dinner and Night Show at the Giza Pyramids

The temperature in Cairo is extremely high. Another way of enjoying these ancient mysterious monuments is going for a light and sound show at night. This is an amazing show that runs for over an hour. All the three Pyramids Khufu, Khafra and Menkaure lit up with colorful lights and visuals projected directly on them. There is light Arabian themed music played on the background electrifying the entire environment. It is a great way to experience these unique UNESCO World Heritage sites at night. Egyptian cuisines are delightful and unique. You get the opportunity to taste some of the unique cuisines at a fine-dine restaurant after the show is over. This is a spectacular tour and must top the list of the best tours and activities in Cairo.

Egyptian Museum

Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo holds some of the finest treasure collection of Ancient Egypt. It is the only Museum in the world with such a vast collection of Egyptian antiques. Among the 120,000 artifacts, the Golden Mask of Tutankhamen is the most significant one. This is an 11 kg solid gold mask which represents the King’s features. Other than this, you also find a large number of other artifacts found inside Tutankhamen’s tomb-like gold bracelets, jewellery, weapons, etc. You also find Mummies like of Queen Hatshepsut preserved inside the Museum. It is extremely important to book a guided tour as you get a better idea of knowing ancient history.

Nile Cruise

Experience Nile Cruise with Dinner

River Nile played an important role in the history of ancient Egypt. Cruising on the River Nile at night is a great experience as you get a breathtaking panoramic view of the lit-up city. This two-hour thrilling river Cruise that ends up with a traditional dinner at a fine-dine restaurant. The main highlight of the tour is, however, the unique Arabic Belly Dance which is great entertainment to see. This special tour cannot be missed during your visit to Cairo. Don’t worry about the pick-up and drop as its included in the tour package.

Driving a Quad Bike in the Desert of great

Enjoy Desert Safari around the Pyramid of Giza in a Quad Bike. It’s a great experience touring around in a Quad Bike. The thrill increases further as you can watch all these unique attractions closely. The Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley Temple all remain at a stone throw distance. Stroll around these historic monuments, take unlimited pictures and enjoy.

Visit Memphis and Saqqara from Cairo

Giza pyramids are well known to the world, but there is another gem of a Pyramid older than Giza and its located in Saqqara. Over here you find another Pyramid which is more than a hundred years older than that of Giza. The unique door to enter this Pyramid is the main point of interest. You also visit the old capital city of Egypt, Memphis where the remains are kept in open converting the whole area into an open-air museum. This is an important tour to take from Cairo during your visit to understand Egypt’s enriched culture date back thousands of years ago.

Day Trip to the Suez Canal

Suez Canal is a famous example of the modern day’s Egypt’s brilliant engineering works. You can actually visit this amazing Canal from Cairo. The tour starts from your hotel and takes your first stop in Ismailía which is the 19th century City. After that, you reach the banks of the Suez Canal and learn about the history of this huge project. After the construction of this canal, ships can move directly from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea without traveling all over the African continent.

Explore the City

Cairo is such a great city and the best way to get a feel of the entire city attraction is taking a City Tour. Visit the most important places like the Mosque of Suleiman Pasha, The Alabaster Mosque, Joeh’s Walls and Mohamed Ali Pasha Palace. This is a full day tour with a professional English-speaking guide to give you a brief about all these important historic locations.

Final Verdict

Every corner of Cairo is completely submerged with history. The list of tourist attractions in Cairo is many with so many tours and activities to choose from. Follow this comprehensive guide and check out all these tours top tours and activities to do in Cairo.



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