Do you know where on this Earth the floating city is located? Don’t get confused with the name “Floating City” as it’s a real fact. If you plan to visit Italy, the floating city of Venice is your first stop-over. There are uncountable ways this city of Venice is admired by poets, dramatist and writers. Reading their contemporary works give a feeling that heaven must be envy with the photographic beauty of Venice. In case you turn the pages of the old English Drama “The Merchant of Venice”, you get to know a lot about the city’s culture and the lifestyle of the people. Old English writers and dramatists use to spend time staying in Venice as the city’s picturesque beauty inspired them.

There is no doubt that the city of Venice contributed a lot by inspiring the great writers and poets of the 16th Centuries. That was the romantic age according to the history of English literature. During that time many legendary romantic plays were written. This romanticism reflecting on their work shows how romantic Venice could be? The entire city has canals and waterways where Gondolas are the primary mode of transportation. When you take a Gondola ride through the Grand Canal along with your partner, you are for sure going to sing: AMORE MIO, DOVE SEI TU?

This romantic atmosphere of Venice along with its enriched history and culture made it a tourism hot spot. There are no less than 20 million tourists visiting Venice and it’s an all the year round destination.

Striking facts about Venice:

  • The world’s most de-populated city where the number of tourists is double than the country’s population.
  • The local people of Venice speak their own language Venetian which is not an Italian dialect.
  • The world’s oldest casino, Casino di Venezia is found in Venice.
  • The narrowest city in the world only 53 cm wide is found in Venice.
  • Water Taxi or Gondolas used for transportation run through all the 117 canals interconnecting the city
  • Venice is also known as the city of bridges because of the large number of bridges running over the waterways.
  • The city of Venice is itself a UNESCO heritage site.
  • Geologists say that the great city of Venice is sinking and would vanish from the world map.

Let’s find out what else the romantic city of Venice can offer you.

Grand Canal

The best way to feel and explore the beauty of Venice is traveling through its canals and waterways. Grand Canal is the longest between all canals and a major waterway in Venice. This is an “S” shaped canal, 3.8 KM long traveling through the center of the city dividing it into two parts. A Gondola ride through this canal is extremely pleasurable and relaxing. On both sides of the canals, there are historical buildings, churches and palaces built-in Renaissance and Gothic style. You pass by all of them as the gondola moves slowly over the clear lagoon water running through the Canal. The entire trip lasts for an hour but leaves a deep impression on your mind full of romantic thoughts and wonders.

Doge’s Palace

There are remarkable architecture and buildings in Venice to keep you spellbound. The Doge’s Palace is one such historic architectural legacies of the 10th century. The building is constructed in the Gothic style and a true masterpiece of wonders. The ruler of Venice during the 10th century used to live in this place which is now converted into a museum. The interior and exterior of the building are gorgeously sculptured. There are several paintings and sculptures with exquisite beauty to wonder you. The palace also has a prison connected with a famous walkway – the Bridge of Sighs. The place is extremely crowded, and advance booking is advisable. You also need a local guide to explain to you the long drawn history of this place.

Doge's Palace

St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the historic churches built during the 11th century. Your tour of Venice remains incomplete if you don’t visit this church. The entire building is a true piece of archaeological wonder carrying a long history together. The exterior and interior part of the church has brilliant gold mosaics reflecting the artistic brilliance. The canopy inside the church, known as the Golden Pall is actually a panel of gold engraved with precious gemstones. This is a sheer piece of legendary architectural brilliance with long enriched history. The place is heavily crowded all-round the year, therefore, book advanced tickets and plan in advance.

Plan a trip to the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello

The islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello are famous for handicraft works. All these islands are exceptionally beautiful and famous for their scenic beauty. There are craftsman living on this island producing brilliant glass blowing craft which shows their artistic brilliance. You also find the 17th-century glass museum here. The island of Torcello is famous for the Byzantine cathedral with artistic brilliance through its mosaic paintings. This exquisite brilliance of artistic work can never be seen in any part of the world. You need to book a boat trip from Venice to visit these trio islands. Tourists gather here around the year and there are heavy rush hours all day long. It is highly recommended to book the boat trip online in advance.

Visit Leonardo Da Vinci Museum

Who doesn’t know the famous Leonardo Da Vinci and his works? Get an opportunity to see and explore them together at one place in this Museum. Leonardo Da Vinci was not only a painter but a genius engineer, architect and sculptor as well. The entire museum is filled with his contemporary works and brilliant inventions. Visiting this unique place is definitely on the top to-do list, so plan in advance buying online tickets as the place gets overcrowded.

Final Verdict

The surrounding atmosphere of Venice is completely romantic. This great city also carries brilliance in the history and culture for ages. There are multiple reasons for which the city of Venice is the most photographed city in Italy. Visit Venice at least once in your life before it’s too late as the city might sink and vanish from our earth’s geography.


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