Berlin Tours

Berlin Tours

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a place of history and drama. It is an ideal destination for anyone with an interest in European history, art or culture, or for those who just want to wander around the city admiring up to ten centuries of architecture.

With so much to look at and visit, there is the difficult question of the best way to explore the city. A guided tour is a good way to start so that you can get a grasp of the many attractions that lie within Berlin’s limits. Whatever tour choosen, you can always find your bearings by locating the Berlin TV tower, or Fernsehturm, on the horizon. At over 1,200 feet (368m) it is visible from most parts of the city, and most of the city is visible from its visitor friendly observation floor.

Bus tours are available throughout Berlin. These include open-topped double deck bus tours. The Big Bus tour allows the ticket holder to get on and off the bus at multiple locations along its route so that tourists can explore different regions of interest, such as visiting the Reichstag Dome. Built high above the debating chamber of the German parliament building, this glass dome provides a 360 degree panoramic view of the Berlin cityscape and is accessed by spiral steel staircases.

Another site not to be missed is the Brandenburg Gate – Berlin’s most famous and photographed monument. Since its construction in 1730s, it has been the backdrop to most of Berlin’s major events including Napoleon’s triumphal procession in 1806 and it was part of the Berlin wall during the 20th century.

Berlin is a city filled with history spanning the ages. Whether you are visiting for a short stay or for longer, a bus tour through the city is a great way to get acquainted and to learn about the variety of attractions that are available.

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