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Free Tour through the heart of Berlin
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Berlin is a fascinating and eclectic city , perfectly combining the modern and the classic.

On our tour, we will have the opportunity to discover the most emblematic places of the city, from the beautiful Museum Island and the majestic Opera Square, to the iconic Brandenburg Gate, the historic Checkpoint Charlie, Hitler's bunker and the symbolic Berlin Wall.

During this walk, we will enjoy the rich history and curiosities of Berlin , which will allow us to have a global perspective of this vibrant metropolis .

This tour is a must for those who want to get to know all the facets of Berlin in depth.

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  • For reservations of more than 6 people, even if they are made separately, a minimum of €10 per person must be paid to the guide at the beginning of the tour.
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Kreuzberg; Heart of Berlin - History, Culinary and Berlin Vibe Free Walking Tour
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Kreuzberg is a district in the central part of Berlin. It is known for its multicultural atmosphere, with large Turkish and Arab populations and significant numbers of immigrants from other parts of Europe and the world.
Kreuzberg is famous for its techno clubs and Street Arts and is also home to many international restaurants and bars, serving food and drink worldwide. You can find everything from Middle Eastern and Asian to Italian and Mexican, as well as many Vegan options. And those are the reasons this neighborhood has a strong sense of community, and it is common to see young people and artists hanging out in cafes, parks, galleries, and on street corners.
But it's not fair to describe Kreuzberg just like that because it's got a rich history too! From the beginning of the 19th century to today, you can find a trace of every global crisis in Kreuzberg!
And in our tour, we will walk through this district and see those historical monuments as well as the live vibe of the neighborhood.

In our walking tour, we will visit:

  • Urbanhafen
  • Kottbusser Tor
  • Treehouse at the wall
  • Bethanien
  • Admiralbrücke
  • and many Street Art on our way

If you are ready for a journey into the history and a fun 7 km walk, don't doubt and book this free walking tour!
We can also have 2 breaks during our tour, and you can buy food and drinks.

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Free Tour Cold War: The Berlin Wall
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The Cold War, an ideological confrontation that divided the world into two blocs, was the greatest conflict that modern Europe has known.

Berlin became the place where the tension between communism and capitalism materialized.

The Berlin Wall, which was erected "overnight," was a physical division between these blocs, but also an emotional wound that separated thousands of families and loved ones for almost three decades.

Discover how this city has managed to overcome division after the fall of the wall and unite after decades of tension and separation.

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  • A transportation ticket from AB zones is required . Either 2 single tickets, or 1 24-hour ticket (there are also 24-hour group tickets for a maximum of 5 people).
  • For reservations of more than 6 people, even if they are made separately, a minimum of €10 per person must be paid to the guide at the beginning of the tour.
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Free Tour Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
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Please read all information carefully before making your reservation

On this tour we meet in Berlin to go together by train to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp memorial, one of the first camps that served as a model for the following ones.

Visiting the inside of the exhibitions where we will learn how this institution of terror was meticulously designed and we will understand the historical importance of the place during the Nazi period and later, after the war, during the Soviet period

This visit is intense but informative, offering us an unprecedented insight into Europe's darkest era, which has inspired numerous books and films.

Join us in this unique experience that will transport you to the depths of history.

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  • An ABC zone transportation ticket is required .

  • It is recommended to bring something light to eat and water.

  • You must pay entry to the venue of €3 per person (over 14 years old).

  • For reservations of more than 6 people, even if they are made separately, a minimum of €17 per person must be paid to the guide at the beginning of the tour.


  • How to buy the transportation ticket? In the automatic machines at any train or metro station or by downloading the BVG Tickets app. If you need help with the ticket, come 15 minutes before the tour and we will advise you.
  • Can you buy food there? No. During the tour we do not take a break to eat. We are visiting a memorial to the victims . You can eat before or after entering the memorial.
  • Do I have to reserve a ticket? No, we take care of everything.
  • What time do we return to Berlin? We are usually back at 4 pm
  • Can I go on my own and meet the guide? Not at the beginning. The tour begins at the meeting point and we cannot adapt the tour of the entire group to the needs of a few. If you need personalized attention you can book a private tour.
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Free Historical Tour of Berlin (Museum Island)
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The idea of this tour was born to make the authenticity of the city known through the various changes that have taken place in Berlin over the years but above all to tell you a little piece of Berlin history. The professionalism and beauty of a place to be told start from the love for the city we live in that we never stop discovering and browsing. I'll start by talking about the Neptune Fountain and then mention the TV Tower. After introducing ourselves and starting our walking tour we will go to the Museum Island but we will first pass by the Nikolai Kirche (St. Nicholas Church) in Berlin which is not always open. If anyone wishes, they can come in for a visit. We will continue our tour on foot and visit the DDR Museum (DDR Museum) and then continue and see the other museums in Berlin that I will explain to you during our journey. It will eventually be possible to enter the museum of the GDR as well as in the church of San Nicola but always respecting the current directives especially current. I will let you know before the tour if it will be possible or not to enter one of these places. This will be possible if we are a small, small group. Of course I will inform you before or during the tour if there are any additional costs related to entry to the DDR Museum as well as for the church. We will continue our tour arriving at Unter der Linden where it will be possible to take pictures and where it will be possible to see the burning of books located in the Bebelplatz near the Humboldt University and the Berlin Opera House (Humboldt Universität und Deutsche Oper). From Unter der Linden we will continue the tour arriving up to Brandenburger Tor which I will explain in great detail. The tour ends at Brandenburger Tor where tourists can relax by taking pictures and also find some nearby restaurants. Tour themes: -Neptune Fountain -Tower of Berlin -Nikolai Kirche (Church of St. Nicholas) -DDR Museum -James Simon Galerie -Unter der Linden -Humboldt Universität -Alexander von Humboldt -Deutsche Staatoper -Bebelplatz -Brandenburger Tor

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Walking on the wall - History and Berlin Vibe Free Walking Tour
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We would have been killed if we had participated in this walking tour 35 years ago! But don't worry it's not dangerous anymore. However, you can feel a little of the crises in this divided city. And you will know it's more than a "Tale of two cities"! It's the story of two different worlds in the middle of the cold war. Including stories of many people who suffered from these conflicts.

 In our walking tour, we will visit: 

  • Rabbit Field
  • Liesen Bridge
  • North Side Gallery
  • Berlin Wall memorial
  • Mauer Park
  • Japanese Cherry Trees on the path of Berlin Wall (in the Spring)
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City West - History and Art Free Walking Tour
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Do you know Berlin was a divided city even before WWII?

Berlin during the Empire era (1871-1918) and the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) was marked by significant class conflict and division, particularly between the city's western and eastern parts.

In the empire era and industrialization, the western part of Berlin was home to the city's wealthy and influential classes. In contrast, the eastern part was more working-class and industrially focused.

You can find the trace of those conflicts in the most tragic incidents of the 20th century, and also in our walking tour in Berlin!

During this tour, you will visit some streets and Boulevards in the western part of the city and many places including:

  • Charlottenburg Gate
  • University of Arts
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Stage Theater
  • Former Synagogue and many villas in Fasanenstrasse
  • finally the famous KaDeWe
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Berlin in a Nutshell- Free Walking Tour
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This special tour will take you through all the important periods of Berlin's history! These periods were really important because they had a massive impact on the world and, in some cases, completely changed the world!
Let's tell you in a different way. Maybe it's unbelievable, but you can describe Berlin like this:

  1. A Medieval City
  2. Capital of a powerful Kingdom
  3. An industrialized city
  4. A progressive city
  5. Headquarters of the crime
  6. A fallen city
  7. A communist city
  8. A liberal city
  9. A Modern City

And you will visit many important places of the city related to those parts like:

  1. St. Mary's Church (Marienkirche)
  2. Museum island (Museumsinsel)
  3. Hacke's Courtyards (Hackesche Höfe)
  4. Alexanderplatz
  5. Memorial of Book Burning (Denkmal zur Bücherverbrennung)
  6. Franciscan monastery church (Franziskaner-Klosterkirche)
  7. Karl Marx Boulevard (Karl-Marx-Allee)
  8. Independent art passage (Haus Schwartzenberg)
  9. Volkswagen Exhibition (DRIVE. Volkswagen Gruppe Forum)

You have to understand that it will a long walking tour (about 3 hours walk). And also, it's not possible to tell you the history in details and the explanation will be in short because of time limit. But you can ask as many questions as you have and we can discuss more during the tour.

So if it's your first time in Berlin or you want to know about its rich history this tour suits you!

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From Marx to the Wall: Communist & Socialist Free Tour
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Join us to learn about the most revolutionary and controversial movements in world history: welcome to the Berlin Communist & Socialist tour. The goal of the tour is to give you a deeper understanding of movements that have changed and largely shaped world history from the end of the 19th century up to the present day. From Marx and Engels, through revolution led by Luxembourg and Liebknecht, the Cold War and the Berlin Wall up to leftwing movements today.

After this 3 hours Walkative journey, you’ll form a historical Gestalt of communist & socialist ideas! Both in Germany and Europe (and even beyond). Both before and after WWII. Long before and long after.

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Free Walking Tour of Berlin
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Discover the history of Germany's capital through its monuments, streets and squares with this free tour of Berlin. A fascinating walking tour awaits!
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Free tour Berlin essential
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It is the best introduction to Berlin. In just 3 exciting hours you will be able to see the highlights of the city on foot and in the company of expert guides: The Brandenburg Gate and its history. Location of Hitler's former bunker The holocaust memorial. The former German air transport ministry. The Berlin Wall. Checkpoint Charlie. Bebelplatz (book burning square etc.) We need a minimum of 5 people for the tour to take place

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FreeTour BERLIN WALL, Graffiti and Street Art in Kreuzberg.
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Tour through the most ALTERNATIVE neighborhood in Berlin.

With the best scene of the punk-rock era. Here David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode , among others, created an alternative and counterculture atmosphere that is still lived in its streets today.

The tour starts at Rio -Raiser-Platz where we will talk about the transformation of Kreuzberg, from the raising of the wall to the present day.

Walking through the neighborhood you will learn about the history and evolution of graffiti until it became Street Art. We will see murals such as the Astronaut-Cosmonaut , by Victor Ash; Nature Morte, by Roa and The Pink Man , by Blue. And of course, we will get to know the 1UP and the Berlin Kids collectives, famous for their works marked by messages of protest and social criticism.

In the second part of the tour we will walk through the symbol of Berlin, East Side Gallery, the longest section of the wall in Berlin and the largest art canvas in the world. We will know the social aspects of a city divided by a wall through art.

  We will cross the Oberbaumbrücke, the most fascinating bridge in Berlin, and back into the heart of Kreuzberg, we will see three impressive murals.

Finally, I have prepared recommendations for you to continue discovering the neighborhood on your own.

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Medieval Berlin: Mysteries & Legends Free Tour
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Do you want to discover the secrets, mysteries, and legends of medieval Berlin? Now’s your chance with this spooky free tour of the German capital!
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Welcome to Berlin! Free tour by Walkative!
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Berlin is without any doubts one of the most interesting and important cities in the world. Our tour will give you a good understanding of the city, its history and the many ideas born in Berlin that shaped this city and the entire world! We will journey in time from the humble medieval beginnings, through the capital of a mighty kingdom and empire, revolution, dark times of nazism, destruction and communist divisions up to today – the trendiest and hottest city in the world. That was truly a spectacular transition, one you should not miss! 

On the tour we will see and discuss:

  • TV tower
  • Red Town Hall and the remains of the old Berlin
  • Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral
  • Unter Den Linden and Humboldt University
  • Book Burning Site
  • Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall stories
  • Adolf Hitler’s Bunker Site
  • Jewish Holocaust Memorial
  • Brandenburg Gate

The last stop for this tour is Brandenburg Gate.

Look for the yellow umbrella at the meeting point!

ℹ️ ⚠️ ATTENTION - booking rules

The tour is fit for pets, but one site, the Holocaust Memorial, is only allowed to walk around (so you see it, but not walk through). Please have that in mind.

Please note that our free tours are designed for individual travelers and small private groups only. Hence, we do not accept parties of 8 or more people on regular free tours and guides have the right to deny participation to such groups. If you travel in a party of 8 or more please book a private tour in advance.

If you show up at the meeting point with the bigger group our guide will ask you for the payment (12 eur/person) before the tour or cancel your reservation on the spot. To confirm your reservation please arrive 10 minutes before starting. We can not guarantee participation when you will be late.                                  

Please note that multiply bookings (under different names) for 7 people who belong to one group will still be treated as one organized group and the guide has the right to deny participation to such parties.

This policy is implied in the best interest of our individual visitors. 

Please respect our rules.     

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Berlin: Eastern European Comedy Special Ticket and Free Shot
Take a peek behind the Iron Curtain with this ticket for a comedy show at the Floating Lounge in Berlin. Enjoy an evening of English-language comedy from hilarious former East bloc comedians.
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Berlin: Cosmic Comedy Show with Pizza and Free Shots
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Experience a night of English-language stand-up comedy in Berlin every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. See a mix of seasoned international pros as well as newcomers at Kookaburra Comedy Club.
Price from 18,00 EUR
Berlin: Guided Bar-Hopping Tour with Free Shots
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Discover the taste of Berlin's bars. We'll share hidden gems and ensure a memorable experience.
Price from 60,00 EUR
Private Showcase: English Comedy with Free Pizza & Shots
Experience a night of English-language stand-up comedy in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. See a mix of seasoned international professionals alongside newcomers at the Kookaburra Comedy Club.
Price from 2499,00 EUR