Tours & activities in Accra

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Quabus Accra City Tour
This tour is in the city. See history in the city. Easy, quick guided tour in an air conditioned bus. Scheduled tour that can be booked before by picking a day and time. Booking can be done up to 7 hours before the scheduled tour.Free Wi-Fi so you can share your activities in real time.
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Screen Printing At The Craft House
Set in the rural town of Atimpoku, great activities for individuals, groups or families. So many varieties of workshops under one roof
Price from 18,42 EUR
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Tie Dye And Block Printing At The Craft House
Set in the rural town of Atimpoku, great activities for individuals, groups or families. So many varieties of workshops under one roof.
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Dress Making In A Day At The Craft House
Set in the rural town of Atimpoku, great activities for individuals, groups or families. So many varieties of workshops under one roof.
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Arrival Transfer From Accra Airport To Hotel
We offer more than just transfers by giving orientation of the city at your first contact with Ghana.
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Full-Day Local Ghanaian Cooking Class in Accra
A native Ghanaian who has lived in Labadi its entire life will give you an unique local experience of living in the community, which means be prepared to work! See where we live and how the community functions as a whole. We will spend the morning in the local market picking out all of the ingredients needed to prepare our authentic flavorful meal. You will see the local market women carrying things on their head as they try to sell their products. Once we return to the bar we will start to prepare the meal. You will learn how to "pound" the Banku, Fufu, Jiji or rice balls over the open fire. Then we will prepare the stew or soup of your choice (depending on diet). During this, you can taste several local alcohol spirits to get a fully authentic experience, while you will see the true movement of the community and how people interact with one another while speaking in our local language of Ga. If you want to truly feel what it is like to be a Ghanaian you will love this experience.
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Makola Market Walking Tour
Get a rare and exclusive access to sections of the market which give you the best the Ghanaian way of life and trading. Learn the history and structure and organisations of our markets.
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KANDID GH transportation within Accra
We are in full service. - 24/7We care for our clients special needs, that is, not only how they will get therebut how they are driven there. The experience and safety of our client is our priority.Affordable price - Kotoka International Airport to drop off destination of 35km.Maximum passengers is 3. Maximum distance to travel is 35km.We recommend parent with children below the age of 3 to have a car seat for their children protection. We offer half a day (8hours) and full day (6am -9pm) service. If you want our chauffeur to be with you for extra hours, that comes with extra fee.
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Drumming Lessons In Accra
Drumming is part and parcel of the Ghanaian culture; Ghanaian music is characterized by a “strong rhythmic interest” that exhibits common characteristics in all regions. every region, ethnic group and tribe have a rhythm to their culture. This is why you are likely to see drumming and dancing in every part of the country.Whether it’s at the beach or on the streets of Accra you will see people drumming just for the fun of it and its entertainment to them and those around. Drumming can be fun and a way to immerse yourself into the Ghanaian culture, our goal is to make you enjoy this aspect of the culture and at the same time learn some Ghanaian drumming rhythms. Drums consist of skin or “drumhead” stretched over the open end of a frame or “shell”. Well known African drums include the Djembe and the Talking drum..
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Oxxy Accra Walking Day Tour
In the city Accra, where culture at it best, interesting places, people, and the local community experience. Again our local market or shops will bring you so much joy as the market women /men will welcome you with a smile and lovely way. Our itinerary is strongly based on history and culture tour around the city in a local way, the local restaurants are very unique for lunch would like our guest to experience or taste the local foods such as Fufu with palm nut soup, rice with stew, fried yam, and banku with okro soup for affordable prices and comfortable relax place.. We offer other tour packages like Cape coast and Elmina castle tour, Safari, Adventure, Road trips and Fun and games likes Jet ski ride, boat ride, horse riding and many more kindly contact us and lets customize your itinerary so unique for you with affordable prices. Safety is our pride.!!!
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Accra Stay By Plan
"Accra stay by plan" is a popular expression which simply means Accra is a big city and in order to enjoy your stay and have the utmost experience, you'll have carefully plan. As a guide with years of experience and one of the best Accra city tour guides, I designed this tour to give tourists a fair view of the nation's capital from the past,present and its future.P.S don't be surprised when you go to a market and i ask you to balance something on your head whilst carrying a baby on your back it's all part of the Ghanaian experience!
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Accra City Tour
Accra is one of West Africa vibrant cities with so much to see from colonial buildings, museums, busy markets for the strong hearted to Jamestown fishing community. This tour starts from 9-10am. We advice in the morning when the sun is not at its peak. All fees paid will includes admission to attractions and transportation. • A visit to the E.B. Dubois Center for Pan African Culture. • Visit to the independence square and Black star square, the most famous symbols of Ghana • Visit Makola market, the busiest local market in Accra where you can shop beautiful African fabrics • Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum. Dedicated to the memory of a great Pan-Africanist.• Go to the local art market for art and craft shopping, walk around, interact with artists, take pictures or enjoy drumming lessons. • Lunch at the James Town café, try local dishes. • Walk around James Town, a community that is still having some of the oldest buildings from the post-colonial era.
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Private Tour of Nima Market with Pick Up
Be amazed with the vibe and real street hustle in the Nima community where you will learn a lot from this tour and also taste the famous street foods in the community Nima community is considered the largest and one of the oldest Zongo ( Slum settlement) communities in Ghana with origins as far back as 1836.Nima is predominantly Muslims and is considered as one of the most diversified parts of the city where all Religions, Ethnic groups and others get along irrespective of who is majority or minority group.People in Nima are very friendly and are always interacting with visitors
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Airport Pickup and Drop off
We offer:Airport pickupAirport drop offOther chauffeur drivenservices and tours throughout Ghana
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Accra City Tour
This tour will provide an excellent overview of Accra. Participants will learn about the significant historical events, important to Ghana. After this tour, individuals will have new ideas for further exploration.
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Accra Sites Tour Expeditions
This is a kind of tour which makes you see the true history behind Ghana's freedom, historical site, ancient monuments and feel the true culture of the Land
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Nima Experience
Nima often describe as the largest slum in Accra or Zango (Meaning a settlement of traders in the hausa language) is a Muslim populated area with people coming from all part of the country to settle, especially people from the Northern part of Ghana. Nima is a very diverse community and you will find every tribe in the country living there, Nima is an example of people co-existing from different backgrounds, cultures and religion.This tour takes you on a 2-3hours walking tours of the neighborhood, it includes visiting markets, local houses, foods and listening to stories of how some of the people migrated there. This tour is an opportunity for you to see the different sides of life and experiences in Accra. Nima is a very lively area, nothing slows down there, people always going about their business and you can find almost any local food or spices you want there at the markets, feel free to interact with the local women at the market.
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Accra City Tour Experience
This Accra City Tour will introduce you the the hustle and bustle of the Capital City of Ghana.Our tour will include a visit to*Makola Market*Jamestown*Kwame Nkrumah Museum*Accra Arts Center to shop for souvenirs and have drumming lessons
Price from 53,86 EUR
KANDID GH transportation (h d s)
H D S - HALF DAY SERVICEChauffeurs are well trained to ensure they provide a 5 star serviceOur clients experience and safety is our priorityFare are comparatively cheapHalf a day service (H D S) (8 hours) DOES NOT include fuel. Customer(s) pay for fuel.
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Private Accra -CITY TOUR with Pick Up
Experience Jamestown community and Accra. Experience the rich history and the effect it has on its people, enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and the coexistence of various diverse groups within the community with ease.friendly atmosphere between locals and guests. We ensure our guests' safety at all times by providing safety tips when required.Our vehicle is spacious with working air con and seat belts and is driven with the utmost safety in mind.
Price from 53,86 EUR
Accra City Tours
Travelers are allow to customize this tour to suite their choice of attractions. They will meet a well trained Tour Guide who will provide them the best customer service and enjoyable tour.
Price from 53,86 EUR
Experience the Beauty, History and the Culture Of Accra in a Day
This tour gives travellers the opportunity to experience the beauty, historic monuments and the great cultural heritage the city has to offer. It also offer visitors the opportunity to experience the pleasure and the artistic nature of the City.
Price from 53,86 EUR
Accra: Guided City Tour with Lunch
User rating
Delve into Ghana's rich history and culture with the help of an expert, local guide. Hop in a 4x4 Jeep and explore the highlights of the capital, from Independence Square to the buzzing central market.
Price from 56,00 EUR
Half-Day City Tour (4 Hours)
We give travellers a feel of Accra and provide In- person tour guides, which ensures security and safety. Travellers have the chance to interact with the culture through food and shopping as they create wonderful memories.
Price from 57,32 EUR
Easytourgh (Accra Tour)
Knowledge of places, great personality of guides and unique delivery whilst making sure the end result of tour is to leave a remarkable memory.
Price from 57,32 EUR