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Low prices transfer from heraklion airport to Plakias Rethimno up to 8 Customers
Starting point Nikos Kazantzakis Heraklion airport (Her). Why book with us? Your driver will be waiting to meet you no matter what happens Α proffesional driver will wait for you with a sign written your name at Heraklion airport . No queues, no delays - we’ll get you to your destination quickly. For complete peace of mind we’ll take you directly to your hotel door. Our main priorioty is to transfer you to your destination with safety. Enjoy a high-quality transfer experience at surprisingly low prices. Take your time and relax. Airport pickups include 40 minutes of free wait time. Our priority is the smile on your lips, just book with us
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HIPPIE BEACH - Matala Private Tour
The experience starts from Heraklion heading south to Matala. In the 1960's, hippies from all over the world flocked to the area and lived in the caves as part of their beliefs and way of life. Along the road, we come across many vineyards and olive groves of the fertile plain of Messara.We stop at the Monastery of Panagia Kalyviani, a monastery that is famous for its charitable work. The compound of the monastery that was gradually formed around the 14th-century single-nave church became very famous in the 19th century because of the presence of a miraculous icon.We then visit the Palace of Phaistos, where the famous Phaistos Disc was unearthed and whose script was only recently deciphered.Our next stop is the famous Matala beach where you will visit the caves where the hippies used to live (Roman tombs) and cool off with a swim in the crystal waters of the Libyan Sea.
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Percy Jackson Inspired Luxury Private Experience
This Experience is inspired by Percy Jackson’s books and is particularly designed for Youth and Family. It approaches the Cretan Labyrinth and its mysteries from a mythological and historical point of view and focuses on making the story interesting and engaging, but also clear and easy to understand for our little friends. During the tour, you will be using 3D tablets, presenting a three dimensional recreation of the most important parts of the palace.The second part of the tour offers an interactive Workshop on Minoan- Style Pottery, conducted by a rewarded Potter and Artist. You will find out a lot about clay in general and about the Minoan pottery techniques in particular, in a fun and interactive way. Your children will have the chance to learn, play and create their own mythological figure out of clay.
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Knossos Palace & Lassithi Plateau Tour
Visit Crete’s landmark, Knossos.It is impossible to come to Crete on vacation and not visit its landmark. For the island of Crete, Knossos has the same significance as the Acropolis for Athens.The most famous and the most impressive palace of the Minoan era, the biggest and the greatest of the decision-making centers of the Minoan Crete.
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Heraklion Airport to Chania up to 15 pers-Wheechair,Scooter,Stroller Accessible
From 1 to 15  clients , transport is with a  fully equipped Mini Bus which has a refrigerator, TV monitor, individual lighting, air conditioning, free Wi-FI internet, multimedia sound system, and Bluetooth.  Transfer is a transportation service which meets and brings you exactly where you asked: our driver meets you at the airport (as close to the Arrivals as possible), at the hotel reception or at the exactly given address and brings you fast- track to your destination.  We can accommodate 2 wheelchairs or 1 mobility scooter users; inform us at time of booking .
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Transfer Airport to ELOUNTA area up to 7 customers
Transfer from Herakleion airport to your hotel in ELOUNTA  area
Price from 145,00 EUR
Agios Nikolaos - Spinalonga Island & East Crete Highlights - from Chania
East Crete is a fascinating and diverse region, but wherever you go, you’ll find friendly people, delicious food, and stunning scenery. With a chauffeured premium vehicle at your full-day disposal, you will experience the quintessential luxuries of East Crete by visiting the most photographed landmarks - the town of Agios Nikolaos with its breath-taking ancient lake and the glorious Venetian fortress-island of Spinalonga. Your private local insider guide will enrich the day trip with bespoke itineraries by visiting an olive oil lab, hilltop Byzantine monastery, and quaint ancient Cretan villages in a comfortable chronological order and absolute privacy. Last but not least, you will get the best recommendations for authentic lunch with freshly-caught seafood or a well-grilled Cretan lamp!
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ELOUNDA Private Transfer to Knossos with Skip-The-Line Ticket
Transfer to the palace of Knossos from ELOUNDA ( 15 Khm radius from the city center ). Include's also, the Entry ticket (Skip-The-Line) of Knossos palace and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion . Hotel or Port Pickup/dropoff.We provide Safe and Reliable Transfer around the Crete.On-Time Pick Up. Vehicle Types: MiniVan - SUV - MiniBus.
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Cretan Folklore Night Tour
Feel like a true Cretan, learn to entertain yourself as one of them.Come with us to the traditional village of Karouzana for a different night, under a majestic summer sky, a night full of music, dance and beautiful scents.Reaching the ancient village, we have the chance to take a walk through this magnificent place.Feel dizzy by the smell of the jasmine.Be surprised by the locals’ hospitality and treats and admire the traditional color of the area, which seems to have remained unspoiled by time.
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Cave of Zeus with Truffle Hunting & Gourmet Experience - VIP Private Tour
An idyllic escape to the mountainous East Crete by exploring the hidden gems of this authentic region. Enjoy a personal hotel, villa or cruise pick up and drop off by your private local insider guide, with a premium vehicle at full-day disposal. Soak up the natural beauty of the Eastern Crete by collecting Cretan truffles with the assistance of a professional truffle hunter and his dogs in the heart of fertile Lassithi Plateau. Then have a delicious Cretan lunch and wine tasting in a traditional mountainous tavern. Last but not least, you will visit the mythical Cave of Zeus and a local ceramic workshop.
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Private Gastronomy Tour in the Old Heraklion
Crete’s rich gastronomic palette is greatly influenced by the history. Due to its location in the heart of the Mediterranean it is at the crossroads of rich and versatile cultures. Balanced local cuisine combines seasonal ingredients that reflect the diversity of the fertile land of Europe’s southernmost point. During this tour you will visit:GREEK COFFEE: In one of the oldest shops on Heraklion’s bazaar street, you will learn about the tradition of roasting, grinding, brewing and serving Greek coffee.TRADITIONAL BAKERY: Meet the unique features of Cretan baking and try some traditional products.CHEESE SHOP: Tasting of traditional cheese varieties.HEALING HERBS: We will tell you about the unique spices and medicinal herbs of Crete.WINE SHOP LIRARAKIS: A great opportunity to get acquainted with the producers of branded wine, learn the basics of wine-making and taste 5 different wines.TAVERN: Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine in one of the traditional taverns.
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Best of Crete (3-days Tour package)
Best of Crete (3-Days Tour package). The tour is executed ONLY from Heraklion district, with the assistance of your private professional tourist guide. • Day 1:The Minoans - We visit Knossos palace, the Archaeological Museum and walking the historical city of Heraklion. • Day 2:Wild Crete - City of Rethymno, its landmarks, culture and character. You will continue the tour of the city of Rethymno through the narrow Venetian streets you also have the opportunity to taste smell virgin olive oil, spices and herbs…Cretan old-style wine is a thing unto itself. We continue to visit the beautiful traditional village of Margarites one of the ancient pottery centers of Crete! • Day 3:Coastal Crete - The Eastern side of Crete, enjoy the mountain ridges, beautiful countryside and sea on route. Seeing Elounda, Spinalonga island and Ag.Nikolaos. Explore Crete, with all your senses!
Price from 750,00 EUR
West Crete Chania - Rethymno
This excursion brings you to West Crete and our first stop in Chania, the most ravishing city of Crete. It was an important Minoan city and the “mother of the Cretan cities”, according to ancient writers. The city is divided in the Old City, with the gorgeous harbor and the New City, beyond its Venetian fortifications. The Old City is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean and is called “Venice of the East”. Kournas Lake, a beautiful habitat with natural freshwater. Lush greenery, steep cavities between hills, rare species of fish and birds, like eels, moorhens and two-color turtles, make Kournas the ideal place to enjoy a swim before our lunch or an early afternoon walk. Stop in Rethymno, the third biggest town on Crete, where monuments of the archaeological, Ottoman and Venetian eras coexist, in an extremely interesting way. Have a stroll in the alleys of the old town, visit the Turkish minarets and the Venetian fortresses or just enjoy the magnificent harbor.
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Transfer to Knossos palace with Skip-The-Line Ticket
Transfer to the palace of Knossos from HERAKLION ( 20 Khm radius from the city center ). Include's also, the Entry ticket (Skip-The-Line) of Knossos palace and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion . Hotel - port - airport pickup/dropoff.We provide Safe and Reliable Transfer around the city of HeraklionOn-Time Pick Up. Vehicle Types: MiniVan - SUV - MiniBus.
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Cretan Picnic for Wine Lovers
• Visit to a traditional winery and its vineyards • Tour around the scenic area of Peza • Discover the 2500 BC minoan wine press • Learn about the unique viticulture and the indigenous grape varietals • A wine-tasting session with 5 different types and styles of wines • Introduction to the Mediterranean and Cretan diet • Outdoor picnic paired with wine and raki
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Transfer Airport to Gouves area up to 6 customers
Transfer from Herakleion airport to your hotel in Gouves area
Price from 50,00 EUR
Enjoy a day filled with pretty scenery, history and time to relax. Feel the essence of Crete in the ideal combination of culture and tradition with a well-deserved break at one of the most beautiful beaches, swimming, sunbathing or experiencing the local gastronomy.
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Lassithi Plateau
Have a great taste of real mainland Crete, its traditions, culture, tastes, and scenery. Enjoy a stunning drive and meet original people working and producing as their grandfathers. Let us introduce you to an authentic lifestyle, taste the pure products of Crete. Discover how beneficial the unspoiled nature is. Just a small hop away from, but a visit like stepping back in time.
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Transfer Airport to ANALIPSI area up to 6 customers
Transfer from Herakleion airport to your hotel in ANALIPSI  area
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WeDrive to Knossos palace
Transfer to the palace of Knossos from HERAKLION ( 7 Khm radius from the city center ). Hotel -port - airport pickup/dropoff. We provide Safe and Reliable Transfer around the city of Heraklion. On-Time Pick Up. Vehicle Types: MiniVan - SUV - MiniBus.
Price from 15,00 EUR
Heraklion City Tour-Market-Creta Aquarium
Experience real aspects of the Heraklion everyday lifeThe present city of Heraklion was founded in 824 by the Saracens. In 1204 was bought by Venetians which build enormous fortifications, most of which are still in place.Heraklion City Sightseeing Tour, Creta Aquarium is a different excursion for those who want to experience real aspects of the island’s everyday life. Our day starts with a stroll in the famous Heraklion open-air market, where dozens of peddlers offer their merchandise in very good prices.
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Sightseeing tour services with car and driver
Our chauffeur Services is an ideal choice for excursions and private tours, as well as transfers from Ports and airports around Crete.We are pleased to provide a comfortable and reliable service to visitors with a disability and we can offer accessible vehicle fully equipped with the necessary facilities.Enjoy the expertise, comfort, safety and the highest level of professionalism ofour services while exploring the best that Chania/Crete has to offer in a swift andrelaxing way.
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Flower Power - Lotus Land
Cherries, Churches and the Valley of Amari. A hidden paradise between the mountain Kedros and Psilorites. Explore the beautiful landscape at the springtime. For only a few months the year, the valley open it’s beauty. The first stop is at the ceramic pottery village Margerithes. After you'll visit the hidden valley and see a carpet of flowers, particularly orchids and irises including Orphys mammosa (Breasted orphrys), Orchis pauciflora (Sparsley-flowering orchid), Orchis italica, Orphys tenthredinifera, Iris cretensis, Hermodactylus tuberosus and Romulea bulbocodium. The great profusion of flowers is due to the limestone on which the plateau is situated. One of the highlights of this plateau is the extremely rare Tulipa doerfleri, and it occurs in in such great numbers that the fields are coloured red! Later filled up with the beauty of the flowers you'll have lunch in a traditional taverna After a good meal you'll visit Spili, the heart of Crete bevor heading back.
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Transfer Airport to BALI area up to 6 customers
Transfer from Herakleion airport to your hotel in BALI area
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Cretan evening in the village of Arolithos - from Heraklion region
Have you seen how locals enjoy life in a Greek village?You can feel the emotional rhythm of national music only if you take part in the fiery Greek dances!An unforgettable evening in a typical mountain village where the embodiment of Greek folk festivals is dedicated to the god of wine and fun Dionysius.Upon arrival, you can walk in a traditional village. Then you will have dinner and entertainment program, including Greek and Cretan dances, performed in beautiful national costumes, accompanied by folk musical instruments is of incredible beauty.Dinner consists of 2-3 dishes to choose from and several Cretan snacks. For dessert, seasonal fruits and donuts with honey are offered, as well as wine and water. Everything is served at your table by waiters.
Price from 60,00 EUR