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Catania Alternative Free Tour
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On this free tour of Catania, we'll discover the more alternative side of this Sicilian city, going far beyond just its history and architecture.

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Free Tour Catania "Melior de cinere surgo" (I reborn from my ashes)
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During my guided tour we will discover together the characteristics of the archaeological and baroque Catania, visiting the places where it will be possible to perceive the historical continuity of this city destroyed several times by the volcano Etna: we will see closely the signs of the lava flow that surrounded it in the 17th century.

Everything will be accompanied by curiosities and traditions!

The tour will start from Piazza Duomo, the house of u'Liotru . Later, we will enter into a lava cave resulting from the 1669 eruption and we will see the Amenano River that runs under the city (this part of the visit requires a symbolic entrance fee of €1 per person). Then, we will continue to the Ursino Castle of Federico II from Swabia.

 During the second part of the visit, I will take you to the UNESCO "pearls" of Sicilian late baroque: the sumptuous Benedictine Monastery and the elegant Via Crociferi .

Finally, we will travel back in time 2000 years ago, taking a look at the theater and the odeon from Roman times, and we will finish our tour in Stericoro square , where it will be possible to see the Roman amphitheater and discover some anecdotes from the life of the famous Catanese composer Vincenzo Bellini .

Looking forward to exploring this magnificent city together!

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Walking through the streets of Catania. For a "first contact" with the city.
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Walking through the streets of Catania. For a "first contact" with the city. Between anecdotes, curiosities and "pills" of history.

The walk will give you the opportunity to get to know some of the most significant places in the historic center of Catania , in a total immersion in the most "authentic" part of the city. I will suggest all the historical and cultural places of the city (and its province), and also the most fascinating and characteristic places to go, to taste some of the most typical culinary specialties, such as horse meat meatball or " caponata " Made of veggies.


A connoisseur of local reality will accompany you with information in Italian and Spanish.
Area : historic center of Catania . Along the oldest streets, with numerous opportunities to " photostop" some of the most important and suggestive attractions of the city ( Piazza Duomo, Pescheria, Castello Ursino, Via Crociferi, Piazza Dante, Monastery of the Benedictines ).
The location indicated on the Google map refers to the morning meeting place. The meeting place for the afternoon, as indicated in the general information, is in: Piazza Dante (entrance of the San Nicola church)


IMPORTANT! The walk will take place entirely within a part of the historic center of the city, but the classic tourist visit is not planned, with a detailed explanation of the history and architectural characteristics of its monuments (it is not even part of the purpose of the tour nor in my skills as a tourist companion). There will be no guided tour of the cathedral or other churches, theaters, museums or archaeological areas.
The tour simply aims to present in general terms a part of the historic center of Catania. Only the most significant historical-cultural aspects of the city will be provided (with the appropriate indications to orient yourself within it) and the monuments located along the route.
Recommended tour, above all, to have a first contact with Catania. For those who want a more detailed description of the monuments and history of the city, a visit with local official tour guides is recommended.

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Catania Free Tour
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On this free tour of Catania, we'll discover the history of a city that had to rise from the ashes more than seven times like a phoenix.
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Free Tour Historical Center of Catania
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With us Guiding Sicily guides you will have a unique experience because we are able to combine professional knowledge of the city with everyday life as we are all from Catania. Ours will be a visit that will tell you the millenary history of the city , its link with Etna , its most illustrious characters, and its famous gastronomy.
The tour starts from Piazza Duomo with the Elephant Fountain, the Cathedral (inside) and the Town Hall . Crossing the historic fish market you will reach the Ursino Castle . Then Piazza Mazzini , Piazza San Francesco and via dei Crociferi.


The Guiding Sicily Tourist Guides, covered by Civil Liability insurance to protect the customer, do not limit themselves to describing Catania in its peculiarities, but build an original path , offering the visitor many possible ways of use. The planning of the itinerary and the management of the guide service in fact require skills that only an authorized professional can offer. For this reason, at the end of the guided tour, we suggest the visitor to leave a contribution of at least 10 euros per person (children under 10 free).

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First time in Catania, have a walk with Mirco!
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If you have just arrived in Catania and want to orientate yourself around the city centre, this tour is for you!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  The tour is especially designed for the late afternoon, so that in about 2 and a half hours we can see the colors of the city change quickly: from the afternoon light to the sunset light, until we say goodbye for (italian) dinner time.

In this relaxing walk I will accompany you showing you the most interesting aspects of the center of Catania, from the monumental streets to the nightlife streets, up to a beautiful Street Art district.
We will not cross much the Via Etnea, the main street, so that you can really better understand what the center of Catania is like around it.
We will leave from Villa Pacini, to arrive after about 2 and a half hours in Piazza Teatro, where we will say goodbye.


I will also tell you about the culture of Catania and Sicily in general and I will give you some indications on the typical cuisine of the city.
We will slowly cross the whole center, touching the areas of the Fish Market, Castello Ursino, Via Crociferi, the Roman Amphitheater, until we cross the streets of the Catania nightlife.

Attention: for now I am a Tour Leader, not a Tour Guide, this means that I will give you significant elements of a tourist nature about what we are going to visit, without going into details. My role will be to accompany you through the city providing you with information about it, without explaining the details of any monument.
My intention is to give you the right orientation within the centre, so that you can cross it and live in complete autonomy 🙂

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Free walking tour Catania: Between blue sea and black mountain!!
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This city of lava mesmerized me. Catania is full of myths and legends and all so current! This is where the story happened! None of the historical eras has been denied, they are all still there... and visibly there. The scent of good food, good wine, special desserts! But let's not get distracted: the historic center of Catania with the skyline, Piazza Duomo, Castel Ursino, the Greco-Roman ruins, the Baroque reconstruction and much more.

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Baroque and Esoteric Catania - Free walking tour
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Catania is a unique and mysterious city famous for its Baroque architecture, Mount Etna, and Greek origins, but it also has a hidden esoteric side. Traces of the Greek Goddess Athena and the ancient Egyptian Isis are evident throughout the city. Seafood cuisine, ricotta cheese cannolo, wines, and honey along with its spectacular beaches makes it a must-see destination. 
I invite you to come and discover this magnificent city and uncover its hidden gems. 


  • The Cathedral of Saint Agatha 
  • The  Town Hall
  • The  fish market 
  • The  "Ursino" Castle 
  • Piazza Dante 
  • Via Crociferi 
  • Via Etnea 
  • The Roman amphitheatre
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Free walking tour Catania
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We are local guides with a great passion for Catania, our tour tells a story of a very complex city and its relationship with the volcano and its patron Saint.
Our main aim is to give everyone the opportunity to know and love Catania for what it is, with its contrasts.  On this tour we see places such as: - Piazza università (meeting point) - Piazza Duomo - Cathedral - City Hall - Fish Market - Piazza Mazzini - Crociferi Street -Etnea Street - end point is Piazza Stesicoro, by the amphitheater.
Here we can receive only 5 reservations, so when we confirm the tour, please reply and back-up your participation. We are flexible if somebody is added to the group. If there the date is complete contact us or visit our freetourcatania page to book. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Catania!

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Catania lovers free walking tour
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Welcome to Catania!

Join this free walking tour to live a complete and unforgettable experience of this beautiful city.

Our tour is an experience that actively involves participants. Not only are we local friends who know the city, but we also feel a special connection to it.

During the tour you will be able to discover some of the typical points of interest in Catania , but also lesser-known aspects , which will make the tour a complete experience.

This bond and the chiaroscuro of our city is what we want to tell in a memorable and exciting tour.


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From Catania: Bus Transfer to/from Sigonella Airport
Enjoy a 1-way transfer between Cantania bus station and Sigonella Airport or the other way round. Hop into an air-conditioned coach, then sit back and enjoy the views on the way to your destination.
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Catania: Italy/ Europe eSIM Roaming Mobile Data Plan
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Scan a QR code for instant access to the local high-speed data network with your eSIM- compatible device no matter where you are and when it is. Benefit from reasonable pricing, a reliable network, and support.
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Sicily: Catania Airport Bus Transfer to Giardini Naxos
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Enjoy direct transfer service in the comfortable, air-conditioned coaches between Catania Airport and Giardini Naxos with Etna Trasporti. Be greeted and supported by staff who will help you onboard.
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Catania International Airport: Bus Transfer to/from Syracuse
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Experience a stress-free bus transfer between Syracuse and Catania Fontanarossa Airport aboard the air-conditioned Interbus. Book a transfer from the airport to the city or vice versa.
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Sicily Catania Airport: Bus Transfer to and from Taormina
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Enjoy direct transfer service in a comfortable air-conditioned coach between Sicily's Catania Airport and Taormina. Be greeted and supported by staff who will help you onboard the bus.
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Archaeological Museum of Naxos & Naxos Archaeological Site
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Discover the first Greek settlement in Sicily
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Tour available in: English Italian Dutch Czech Spanish Portuguese Swedish Canadian Chinese Korean Danish Greek French Japanese Polish Russian German
Artium Museum entrance tickets with optional guided tour
Explore the Artium Museum and learn more about the history and art of Sicily.
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Tour available in: Italian
Villa Romana of Patti: Entry Ticket
The hidden gem of Roman villas in Sicily, discovered under a highway
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Tour available in: English Canadian Portuguese Polish Swedish German Chinese Danish Italian Czech Korean Japanese Greek French Spanish Russian Dutch
Regional Naturalistic Museum of Isolabella: Entry Ticket
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Explore the awesome natural history of Sicily's Pearl of the Ionian Sea
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Tour available in: English Swedish Canadian Portuguese Polish German Chinese French Danish Italian Czech Spanish Korean Japanese Greek Dutch Russian
Italy/Europe: eSim Mobile Data Plan
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Enjoy convenient and instantly available eSIM data plans for Italy. Choose from a variety of options and activate your eSIM anywhere and anytime on your journey.
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Tindari Archaeological Area & Antique Theater
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See how the ancient Sicilians lived with a visit to a once-impenetrable fortress
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Tour available in: English Danish Swedish Chinese Dutch German Japanese Polish Portuguese Russian Greek Canadian Korean Czech French Italian Spanish
Sicily: Catania Airport Bus Transfer to Licata
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Enjoy direct transfer service in the comfortable, air-conditioned coaches between Catania Airport and Licata with Etna Trasporti. Be greeted and supported by staff who will help you onboard.
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Degustazione vini e prodotti tipici dell'Etna
Un Viaggio che conduce alla scoperta dei vini del Versante Sud dell'Etna: una degustazione che esplora l'universo dei Vini e degli Oli dell'Etna in abbinamento a prodotti gastronomici locali.
Price from 10,00 EUR
Maniace Castle: Entry Ticket
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Discover a 13th-century castle by the sea
Price from 11,00 EUR
Tour available in: English French Japanese German Dutch Russian Polish Canadian Italian Czech Swedish Greek Korean Danish Chinese Portuguese Spanish
Italy: Europe eSim Mobile Roaming Data Plan
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Enjoy a convenient and instantly available eSIM data plan in Italy and other European countries. Choose from a variety of options and activate your eSIM anywhere on your journey.
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