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From Stresa: Isola Pescatori Hop-On Hop-Off Boat Ticket
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Glide across Lake Maggiore and explore the islands of the Borromean Gulf, including Isola Superiore Pescatori with a hop-on hop-off boat ticket from Stresa.
Price from 9,00 EUR
Stresa: Lake Maggiore and Borromean Islands Sunset Cruise
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Climb aboard your boat as sunset approaches, soaking in the landscapes of the surrounding Lake Maggiore. Once out on the water, spend time with a group of friends and enjoy the stunning views as you relax with an aperitif.
Price from 20,00 EUR
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Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Bella Hop-on Hop-off Boat
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Depart from Stresa and discover the wonderful Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Bella. Enjoy a lakeside lunch at the former and see the fantastic Palazzo Borromeo at the latter (not included in the cost of the tour).
Price from 12,00 EUR
Stresa: Madre & Bella Borromean Islands Boat Trip
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Admire the wonderful gardens of Isola Madre, an ancient hunting reserve of the Borromeo family. Sail to Isola Bella for the elegant Borromean Palace, Italian garden terraces, and boutique shops.
Price from 13,00 EUR
Stresa: 1-Day Borromean Islands Hop-On Hop-Off Boat Tour
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Explore Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands at your own pace with a 1-day hop-on hop-off boat tour from Stresa. Get on and off the boat as often as you like as you admire the beautiful scenery of the lake and visit the superb sights on the islands.
Price from 12,00 EUR
Stresa: Lake Maggiore and Isola Bella Private Boat Tour
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Discover the stunning waters surrounding Stresa on this private, taxi-boat tour. Stop at Isola Bella and learn about the island with a local guide. Find out about the region's thriving fishing culture as you explore its breathtaking natural landscape.
Price from 300,00 EUR
Stresa to Isola Bella Hop-On Hop-Off Boat Ticket
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Explore the beautiful island of Isola Bella at leisure with a hop-on hop-off boat ticket from Stresa. Glide across Lake Maggiore to the most famous of the Borromean Islands to visit the Palace Museum and Italianate gardens.
Price from 8,00 EUR
Borromean Islands Private Hop-On Hop-Off Boat from Stresa
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Explore Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands at your own pace with a private hop-on and hop-off boat service from Stresa. Admire the beautiful scenery and visit the enchanting islands of Isola Madre, Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Bella.
Price from 150,00 EUR
Stresa: Lake Maggiore Private Boat Tour
User rating
Enjoy private boat service with driver for magical private tour on Italy's beautiful Lake Maggiore. Choose the boat that's right for your group or occasion, and motor off through the stunning scenery to the Borromean Islands, Stresa, Verbania, and more.
Price from 300,00 EUR
Lake Maggiore Private Home Cooking Class
User rating
Participate in a private cooking class in a local home with a certified cook. Learn local recipes and taste everything you've made with wines included.
Price from 145,00 EUR
Malpensa to Lake Orta or Orta to Malpensa Private Taxi Transfer with David
Take a reliable private taxi transfer between Milan Malpensa Airport and Orta San Giulio on Lake Orta. A private English-speaking driver in a comfortable Mercedes vehicle will drive you to your destination. Transportation can take up to 8 people and luggage.
Price from 120,00 EUR
Private tour on isola Bella with a tour guide and sunset cruise with aperitif.
Discover this enchantment island still belonging to a noble family, with a private tour guide.Admire the fantastic halls still all furnished and cross the rooms of the grottoes until you get to the Italian gardens.Reach the highest part of the garden and admire the view of Stresa and the lake.Relax on a beautiful 30-minute lake cruise with a nice glass of wine.
Price from 190,00 EUR
Across lake Maggiore to the Hermitage of St. Caterina, with an onboard aperitif
The two sides of lake Maggiore are amazingly different: Westwards, the sweet sines of the gulf on which Stresa and Baveno lay, in front of the charming Borromean Islands with their botanical gardens and villas. Eastwards, the deep waters in which high and wooded cliffs tumble down. This private tour will allow you to enjoy this beautiful diversity, taking you to the discovery of a hidden jewel, built sheer up on the water, close to the town of Laveno Mombello: the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, offering priceless works of art and a breathtaking view on lake Maggiore. This unforgettable experience will end with an exclusive aperitif, served onboard on your route back.
Price from 398,65 EUR
A unique personal tour of isola Bella's palace and gardens with Micaela
Discover isola Bella, the jewel of lake Maggiore, on a unique private tour. Explore the sumptuous Borromeo palace and the incredible gardens on this lovely island in a peaceful atmosphere in the late afternoon ( but morning option is also possible). An experienced local tour guide will meet you in Stresa at your hotel ( if centrally located) or at the pier in Stresa to reach isola Bella by private boat and discover all its beauty at a lovely time of the day when most of the crowds have usually gone. Your private boat will tour around isola Bella to enable you to enjoy beautiful views of the spectacular 17th-century gardens built on ten levels and see the whole palace from the boat. Your personal guide will show you the richly decorated rooms and the grottos telling you more about the founders and owners of isola Bella's fairy-tale palace and will then take you on a guided stroll through the lovely gardens and the tiny village on the island. You will then head back to Stresa mainland.
Price from 331,99 EUR
A private cruise to Villa Taranto, on lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore was a mandatory stage of the Grand Tour of Norther Italy, during the 19th century. A Scottish official and traveller, Neil McEacharn, was once bewitched by the beauty of theses surroundings and bought in 1930 a villa in Verbania. In a few years, he acquired a vast land around there and turned it into a gorgeous botanical garden. This private tour will allow you to discover the wonderful, rare plants kept in the 18 hectares-wide garden of Villa Taranto, in an amazing panoramic position. The most cheerful and colored way to enjoy the mild weather and the superb views of the lake.
Price from 425,68 EUR
Romance on Lake Maggiore: an exclusive aperitif at sunset on Isola Bella
The sunset on lake Maggiore paints the mountains around of amazing shades and fires up the water; at this time of the day, the blooming flowers in the garden of the Borromean Palace of Isola Bella become as one with the Sun reflections on the beautiful sculptures. This private tour will allow you to enjoy these unforgettable moments; after a short transfer by a fashionable vintage taxi-boat, a private guide will lead you across the island, which is actually a whole work of art; after a while, as the evening begins to fall, you will enjoy an exclusive aperitif in front of lake Maggiore.
Price from 1405,41 EUR
A private tour around Lake Orta and its mounts from Lake Maggiore
Lake Orta is a small, quite unknown pearl, lying a few kilometers westwards of lake Maggiore. Its chief town, Orta San Giulio and the close by isle of San Giulio create a unique, charming "lounge" on the lake coastline. This private tour will lead you to discover the atmospheres, the fascinating alleys and the view points of these sites, connected by a short and pleasant boat cruise. Later, you will have the chance to enjoy an astonishing view of the lake from the heights of the Holy Mount of Orta, a magnificent sanctuary reachable through an ascending path dotted of gorgeous baroque chapels. The site is a UNESCO heritage and you will surely understand why.
Price from 345,00 EUR
A private panoramic and original tour around Lake Maggiore
The two sides of Lake Maggiore are amazingly different: westwards, the sweet sines of the gulf on which Stresa and Baveno lay, in front of the charming Borromean Islands with their botanical gardens and villas. Eastwards, the deep waters in which high and wooded cliffs tumble down. This private tour will allow you to enjoy this beautiful diversity, taking you to the discovery of two jewels, built sheer up on the water: the Borromean fortress of Angera, now a museum with, amazing Medieval decorations, the massive tower, from which your gaze can abrace a beautiful panorama and its Medieval garden. Then, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, a religiuos complex perched on the cliff , overlooking Lake Maggiore. You'll realize how beauty has really occupied any possible space in these surroundings.
Price from 447,19 EUR
Taxiboat - Private Transfer to the three Borromean Islands from Stresa
Book the private Taxi Boat service to book your next trip to Lake Maggiore and visit the Borromean Islands with complete peace of mind.We know that flexibility, in this moment, is necessary to organize a trip out of town. For this reason we want to make our fleet of 11 boats available.
Price from 220,00 EUR
Thematic Cruise: Private boat to Lake Maggiore and Isola Bella from Stresa
Behind a great man there is always a great woman! Who knows how many times we have heard it ... With this experience we allow you to sail with a great man, the captain who will lead the private boat letting you be lulled by the gentle waves of Lake Maggiore, listening to the stories of a great woman who will talk about great women! The Guide will report events and personalities in the Borromean Gulf that have animated it in different eras: illustrious ladies, too often never mentioned, who have left more or less visible signs in traditions or culture. Whether it is a flower or a typical dessert, perhaps a new fashion or the seed of an idea ... each of the great Ladies who passed through here has left traces of her presence and we will discover them from an exclusive and privileged point of view , surrounded by a unique landscape in the world. Depending on the period and the openings of the Terre Borromeo we will stop at Isola Bella, visit the Borromeo palace and the Italian botanical garden.
Price from 98,18 EUR
Italian Dinner
Cooking has always been my passion since I was a child and thanks to the teachings of mom, dad, but above all grandmothers, I developed this art, remaining tied to the flavors and tradition of the past.
Price from 41,03 EUR
Lake Maggiore's highlights: private guided boat tour of isola Bella & Madre
A half-day tour by private boat to the two jewels of lake Maggiore accompanied by an expert private guide to enjoy more the visit to these incredible islands. Your licensed local guide will show you an opulent palace dating back to the 17th century with its baroque garden on Isola Bella. You will then discover another villa in country style on Isola Madre built in the 16th century and a charming garden full of exotic plants, flowers, trees and peacocks.
Price from 451,36 EUR
An art and food tour close to Arona, on lake Maggiore
Arona, a beautiful town laying on the South-Western coast of lake Maggiore, gave birth in the 16th century to the future saint and bishop of Milan Carlo Borromeo. After a few decades from his death, a huge bronze statue dedicated to the memory of the revered citizen was built close to Arona and acted as an inspiration and a technical instruction for Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, the designer of the Statue of Liberty in New York.This exclusive tour will lead you from the charming centre of Arona to the hill where you will be able to visit the statue and enjoy a view of the lake, definitely from its "point of view". Later on, you will be guided to a local seasoning cellar, where a full tasting of wine and local, delicious varieties of cheese will be served. A day between amazing art and taste.
Price from 331,09 EUR
An exclusive food and wine tour on Lake Maggiore
The surroundings of lake Maggiore are the homeland of some of the most prestigious Italian gastronomic specialties: varieties of cheese like the "Bettelmatt" are the natural match for elegant yet full-bodied wines like Nebbiolo, the king of Piemontese vines. This exclusive tour will lead you to discover some of these mouth-watering treasures: starting form Stresa, where you'll have an espresso or a cappuccino, together with a sweet specialty in a historical tea room. The following stage will be a cheese seasoning cellar, where you'll have a tasting matched by some varieties of wine. Finally, you'll reach Gattinara, a charming small town which has given its name to a fine red wine based on Nebbiolo grapes: the Gattinara DOCG. A guided tasting of this nectar will be held in an historical local winery.
Price from 703,00 EUR
Micaela's Private Walking Tour of Stresa
A private walking tour of Stresa, Lake Maggiore's most exclusive town accompanied by a local and experienced private tour guide.
Price from 170,28 EUR