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Ticket for Isola Pescatori from Stresa
We know that flexibility in this moment is necessary to organize a trip out of town; for this reason we want to make the Flex service available.We guarantee flexibility on all available dates, you can book your next tour in complete freedom. Should your plans change, you can change the date of your Flex-Ticket by easily requesting a voucher for the new date.No cost for changing the reservation of the chosen date.Book the Flex-Ticket service made available by the Consorzio Motoscafisti Associati C.M.A. by Stresatours with its fleet of 11 motor ships with variable capacity from 30 up to 60 seats, we will guarantee flexibility on the booking dates of transport to the Borromean Islands, you can plan your next trip to Lake Maggiore in total freedom.
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The charming Borromean Islands Private Tour. The sleeping beauties in winter
This is a nice tour to discover the famous Borromean islands off season, when they are like Sleeping Beauty and the Borromeo's properties - palaces and gardens - are closed to the public, but the two lovely villages on isola Bella and Fishermen's island can be discovered. Being accompanied by an experienced tour guide, you will be able to enjoy your visit, learning more about the area, the islands' old history, the aristocrats who ruled over the area, local life in the past times as well as nowadays.
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A relaxing breakfast cruise on lake Maggiore with a personal guide and captain
A beautiful and relaxing way to discover lake Maggiore's coastline dotted with lovely towns and villages, villas and gardens while Micaela, your Italian personal local guide fluent in English and French. While your fully licensed captain will take care of driving you around in a comfortable taxi boat, Micaela will point out the most picturesque towns and interesting villas and will tell you stories to learn more about this gorgeous lake of Italy. Before the end of your private cruise we will stop at a nice lakeside village to enjoy a good Italian coffee or cappuccino with a fresh croissant for a half morning breakfast in the Italian way before continuing our private cruise and getting back to the starting point.
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Private Boat Tour on Lake Maggiore with Aperitif and Music
The experience of stopping in one of the most evocative places of Lake Maggiore listening to the live notes of an accordion while enjoying a "special" aperitif, the result of a sophisticated search for local products.
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Isola Madre and Bella Borromean Islands Boat Trip from Stresa
Admire the wonderful gardens of Isola Madre, an ancient hunting reserve of the Borromeo family. Sail to Isola Bella for the elegant Borromean Palace, Italian garden terraces, and boutique shops.
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Tour and guided tour of the island of San Giulio or the island of "silence"
A unique visiting experience! immersed in the silence of the island, it is not for nothing that only 70 Benedictine cloistered nuns and an English poetess live there permanently, but someone enlivens the place in their own way ... I will tell you every anecdote
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Private walking tour, Orta San Giulio
A local guide licensed by the Province of Novara and resident on Lake Orta available for an exclusive guided tour without having to participate in groups or parties.A unique opportunity to discover a still authentic corner of Piedmont by mingling with the inhabitants of the village of Orta.The path along the path of silence that draws the perimeter around the Benedictine monastery of Clausura Mater Ecclesiae is of great spirituality.
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The best tour of the Borromean Isles on Lake Maggiore
The Borromeo family has ruled the lands across lake Maggiore for centuries and their descendants still own some of the gorgeous parks and mansions scattered around. The South-Western basin of the lake, named the Borromean gulf, is dotted by some small, charming islands. This exclusive cruise will lead you to discover the wonders of the three Borromean islands: the amazing botanical garden of Isola Madre, the largest one; the characteristic alleys of Isola dei Pescatori, the only permanently inhabited one, where you may enjoy a good lunch; finally, the superb baroque palace and garden of Isola Bella, dedicated by Carlo III Borromeo to his wife Isabella d'Adda.
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A private cooking class at the Fishermen's Island, on lake Maggiore
The traditional recipes of lake Maggiore are a well balanced encounter of seafood and each cuisine: rice," polenta", and vegetables meet perch, bleak, eel and trout. This exclusive experience, taking place on the only permanently inhabited one among Isole Borromee, in the central part of the lake, will allow you to learn the secrets of making fresh pasta and dumplings, besides learning how to match your dishes with the local, prestigious wines. At last, you will be delighted by your self-prepared food, during an unforgettable lunch.
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North Italy fresh pasta
Every course has its own goals. We’ll start to prepare the food all together as a group. We will know the recipes and their history, learn the basic skills, cook them.
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Private Tour of the Gardens of Villa Taranto
You will be able to walk among scents and colors accompanied by a local tour guide who will make your visit more pleasant and comprehensive on this private tour.
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Exclusive Sunset Tour. Isola Bella and a prosecco cruise with Micaela
This is a very special tour that will enable you to visit isola Bella at a quiet time of the day accompanied by your expert local guide fluent in English.The cruise at the end of the guided tour will make this tour even more exclusive, something that you will be able to cherish for long!
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The best of Lake Maggiore on a private guided boat tour
Whether you are a small party, a family or a couple, a private boat tour cruising lake Maggiore can be a unique way to discover this lovely lake and its enchanting scenery: green hills, snow-capped mountains, beautiful islands, elegant villas with stunning gardens, villages and pretty towns, gorgeous views....all this while sitting in a safe and comfortable private motorboat accompanied by a licensed local guide and captain. This stress-free tour will enable you to discover lake Maggiore's beauties wihout any effort, away from the crowds, in a relaxed atmosphere. Just you and your party cruising for the length of time you will choose ( 1 hour or 90 minutes). You can decide to have a stop or more stops during the cruise at one of the picturesque towns on lake Maggiore to enjoy a gelato ( ice cream) or a coffee! IMPORTANT NOTES: private boat skipper is certified, fully insured and has a regular license issued by the local authority that entitles him to transport tourists on board.
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Walking and cruising around Lake Orta
Lake Orta is a small, quite unknown pearl, lying a few kilometers westwards of Lake Maggiore. Its chief town, Orta San Giulio and the close by isle of San Giulio create a unique, charming "lounge" on the lake coastline. The small alleys, the ancient churches and the enchanting landscapes merge together in a scene of rare beauty.This exclusive tour will allow you to enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of the coastline village by a pleasant walk; later, a short, relaxing cruise will take you to the isle of San Giulio, 400 metres offshore, where you will witness the remains of the medieval settlements, a majestic romanesque church and an 19th century seminary.
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Private Transfer from Baveno to Malpensa or Malpensa to Baveno with David
A private driver will accompany you from Malpensa airport to your hotel, residence or villa in Baveno or back. Book a private transfer and let your driver take you safely and in comfort to your destination
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Private Pasta & Tiramisu Class at a Cesarina's home with tasting : Lake Maggiore
Immerse yourself in a private pasta and tiramisu-making class in a welcoming home, learn the secrets of the region's most famous pasta dishes and tiramisu and taste the fruit of your labour for lunch or dinner accompanied by local wines. During this private lesson, you will learn how to prepare 2 pasta recipes and the tiramisu dessert from scratch. Your Cesarina will reveal the tricks of the trade of these iconic recipes.Have fun putting your cooking skills to the test and amaze your friends and family once home with an Italian meal! This experience is suitable for families with children of all ages. Le Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of home cooks all over the country in more than 120 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
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A private wintertime tour on lake Maggiore
This is a special wintertime tour, available also during the Christmas season, that will allow you to see two of the highlights of lake Maggiore also in the winter: the hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso and isola Bella. Using a comfortable private boat ( covered!) we will enjoy a cruise on lake Maggiore as far as the lombard shore where we will visit the fascinating hermitage of Santa Caterina with its 16th-century frescoed church. The church and the two convents were built on very steep rocks on the lake and the view iof this incredible site from the water is really impressive. We will then enjoy another boat ride to isola Bella. The interiors of Isola Bella's palace and the gardens will not be accessible this time of the year, but you will be able to admire the beauty of isola Bella through its picturesque village on a guided stroll with your private local guide. You will also enjoy a private boat tour around isola Bella to see the whole island with its terraced gardens.
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Discovering Lake Maggiore: the best panoramic private cruise
Lake Maggiore is a land of enchantment, whose coastlines are dotted by small, charming villages, art treasures, majestic castles and gorgeous gardens. In the middle of it lay the Borromean Islands, who has been chosen through the centuries by wealthy families, especially the Borromeo, for their leisure residences. This private cruise will take you to Isola Bella, seat of a fairy palace and a terraced botanical garden, then to Isola dei Pescatori, the only permanently inhabited one, where you may enjoy a good seafood lunch. Then, reaching the cliffs and woods of the lake eastern coast, you will find as a hidden jewel the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, a monastery built sheer on the waters, overlooking the lake with an astonishing view.
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Small Group Market tour and Cooking class in Lake Maggiore
Italy has a vast and varied culinary heritage, and our local hosts are proud to share its hidden secrets. Share your passion for Italian gastronomy with other lovely guests, immerse yourself in the vibrant local market and enjoy an authentic hands-on cooking class.You'll visit the local market with your Cesarina host, who will teach you all about how to select the best ingredients with the seasons. Then, you'll return to their home, warm up with an Italian Aperitivo and enjoy the class. You'll learn how to make one iconic Pasta type, typical of the city you are visiting, and the famous Tiramisu. After the class, you will enjoy everything you've prepared with local wines. This experience is the perfect choice if you want to encounter the real Italian regional gastronomy through genuine connections, food, and friendship.
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Small-group Street food tour in Lake Maggiore
Dive into Lake Maggiore like a local foodie. Explore your Cesarina's most trusted artisanal food shops, tasting as you go. Visit a selection of small local shops, learn about the typical products of the city while tasting them. A delicious way to discover Lake Maggiore and its gastronomy! • Street food tasting tour • Explore your Cesarina's most trusted artisanal food shops • Sample some of Lake Maggiore typical street food staples • Do some sightseeing in Lake Maggiore as you walk from tasting to tasting• Small-group tour with a maximum of 12 people for an authentic food experienceLe Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of home cooks all over the country in more than 120 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
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The best of Verbania: the Museum of Landscape and Villa Taranto botanical garden
Verbania is the chief town of the district around lake Maggiore; Pallanza, one of its centers, hosts the City hall and some of its most remarkable attractions. Among these, the outstanding Museum of Landscape, located in Palazzo Viani- Dugnani, keeps a vast collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs related to the culture and history of Lombardy and Piedmont.This private tour will lead you to discover these collections and, after a pleasant walk, to experience a visit to Villa Taranto botanical gardens: a unique 18 hectares park created by a Scottish traveller, featuring rare plants, trees and flowers from all over the world. Two different ways to witness the wonders of the landscapes of Lake Maggiore, which you will surely remember for long.
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The paths of the cinema of Lake Orta
Visiting the Legro open-air cinema museum is like taking a trip into the history of cinema. The Lake d'Or has dozens and dozens of works turned on its banks; from silent films to the present day Among the films represented by Legro murals we find cult films such as "Riso Amaro" or "Addio alle Armi"; television productions that marked an era like "I Racconti del Maresciallo"; internationally renowned directors like Tornatore; unforgettable protagonists like Tognazzi or De Sica and the fantastic tales of Gianni Rodari, a native of Omegna.
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Ticket to ride: a panoramic train running close to Lake Maggiore
Built on the track of an ancient Roman way, connecting Oscella (Domodossola) and Leocarnum (Locarno), the Vigezzina railroad was inaugurated in 1923, becoming a strategic connection for several small villages in the valleys close to lake Maggiore. Still today, even after severe damages caused by a flood in 1978, the railroad has a strong commercial and touristic function, connecting Sempione and Gottardo districts.This exclusive guided tour will allow you to enjoy a panoramic ride on this small and fascinating train, travelling from Italy to Switzerland across hidden and enchanting valleys. Thanks to a stop, you will have the chance to discover nice villages, such as Santa Maria Maggiore. A different point of view on Lake Maggiore beautiful outback.
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Walking tour with a private tour guide in the botanical gardens of Villa Taranto
The gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania, between Intra and Pallanza, are known the world over for their great beauty and the huge number of plant species they contain.The result of a labour of love on the part of the Scottish Captain McEacharn in 1931, the myriad of colours and scents the marvellously landscaped garden offers continues to enchant visitors from March to October.From spring to autumn there are always flowers in bloom, with “special events” for certain species which are particularly spectacular in their season: the tulip week is in April, dahlias are at their best between July and October.We will discover together this beautiful garden and we will focus on particular botanical species.From Stresa, the gardens are reachable by boat: the shipping company “Navigazione Lago Maggiore” has a landing stage called “Villa Taranto” right in front of the Gardens entrance.
Price from 160,00 EUR
Taxiboat - Private Transfer to Isola Bella from Stresa
We know that flexibility, in this moment, is necessary to organize a trip out of town. For this reason we would like to make our fleet of 11 boats available.Book the Taxi-Boat service made available by our company with 11 motorships thanks to our fleet you can plan your next trip to Lake Maggiore to visit Isola Bella.
Price from 109,00 EUR