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Vicenza: Small group Pasta and Tiramisu class
Enjoy the famous Pasta and Tiramisu in a local home under the guidance of an expert home cook. Cook and taste the most iconic Italian dishes together with other lovers of the “cucina italiana”.
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The story of Vicenza: Guided Half-Day E-Bike sightseeing Tour
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The most complete guided and narrated tour to discover Vicenza, a city of many priceless UNESCO World Heritage beauties, captivating stories and troubling events, and of a humble stonemason who will go down in history by forever redefining Architecture and its canons. You will enjoy it aboard a comfortable and fun Palladian E-Bike, to reach even the wonders out of town inaccessible on foot, and not really miss anything in the City of Palladio. Your Cicero Palladiano will lead you into the history of an unexpectedly ancient community, independent in spirit and merchant by vocation. A plot that will tell of international political alliances born from the ferment of the Reformation, of nobles not only in rank, and of the parable of a genius of the artist who became a model of modernity. From squares to palaces, from villas to bridges over the water to historic villages: every glimpse or panorama, every illustrious person will become part of an intertwining that you cannot help but love.
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Incredible Free Walking tour of Vicenza
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Welcome to Vicenza, Let's visit this wonderful city together, discovering all the highlights such as monuments, squares, narrow streets, and much more!
Vicenza is the city of Andrea Palladio, the neoclassical architect par excellence, who has left an indelible mark on the city for example for the whole world; we will find his works everywhere in the city: square, palaces, churches, and even public gardens.
Our meeting will take place at Despair in Viale Roma 7, and from there we will continue visiting the Salvi Gardens, a beautiful public garden where you can see one of Andrea Palladio's first works; subsequently, we will continue to Piazza Castello, where only the tower remains of the ancient castle that protected the city; we will then continue to Piazza delle Poste and Piazza Duomo, the religious center of the city with a visit to the church; then we will discover the alleys that have made the city center a UNESCO site, with its rivers and bridges.
Corso Andrea Palladio is the shopping street of Vicenza, but also the street with the major Palladian monuments: Palladio Trissino, Palazzo Bonin, etc .. which with the nearby Contrà Porti forms a crossroads rich in monuments and history.
We will conclude our tour in Piazza Dei Signori, the largest city square, and a real living room in Vicenza.
Analytical itinerary:
 - Viale Roma (meeting at Despar, number 7)
 - Salvi Gardens
 - Piazzale Roma
 - Piazza delle Poste and Piazza Duomo
 - Ponte San Michele
 - Ponte San Paolo
 - Corso Andrea Palladio
 - Piazza dei Signori
 - Palladian Basilica

The itinerary is all on the flat, there are few stairs to climb and they are not demanding.

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Vicenza: Guided Walking Tour
Discover the architectural wonders of Vicenza on a guided tour. Stroll the many piazzas and admire the numerous palaces and churches along the way.
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Share your Pasta Love: Small group Pasta and Tiramisu class in Vicenza
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You can't visit Italy without trying at least one pasta dish... So, we'll teach you two! Learn how to roll 'sfoglia' (fresh pasta) by hand and how to prepare 2 simple different kinds of pasta (filled pasta + fresh pasta) from scratch with your Cesarina. As the icing on the cake you will learn to prepare also the iconic Tiramisu. Share your passion for the Italian cuisine as you make new friends in this hands-on cooking class. It's a great way to truly experience Italian culture. • Learn to roll 'sfoglia' (fresh pasta) by hand • Learn to make 2 iconic pasta types • Learn to make the iconic tiramisu • Small-group cooking class with a maximum of 12 people. Share your passion for the Italian cuisine with other lovely guests • Enjoy an Italian Aperitivo to warm-up Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of home cooks all over the country. They are welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
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Vicenza and the Olympic Theatre
Discover Vicenza, one of the pearls of the Veneto region, Palladio treasure chest and a World Heritage Site.
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Tortellini Cooking Class with Mamma in Verona
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With our cooking class you have the chance to learn how to cook Tortellini in a homely atmosphere, with Mamma Ivana! You can make your tortellini from scratch and taste your creations at the end of the lessons.
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Book an unforgettable visit in an historical park
Enjoy your tour in this unique garden where silence and peace will accompany you
Price from 8,00 EUR
A tale on the Palladian Unesco Heritage
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The Director of the Business Network created by the owners of the Unesco Palladian villas will take you into a virtuous tale about Vicenza in its Golden Age, offering you an unparalleled perspective from which to start your visit to the city of Palladio. This story tells of a community that was independent in spirit and devoted to commerce by vocation. A compelling story of international political alliances born from the great ferment of the Reformation, of families whose nobility was not only a rank, linked to the silk trade that made the Serenissima a socio-cultural center of such relevance that even Rome feared it. A plot whose texture is represented by the rich Unesco heritage that the genius of Palladio left to the city, becoming a model of timeless modernity. A story that you will hear in the exceptional context of Palazzo Valmarana Braga, one of the architect's most beautiful creations today privately owned, and in its immediate surroundings.
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Venice: Private 3-Hour Vicenza Tour
Travel from Venice to Vicenza via fast train for a guided city tour. Over the duration of 3 hours, you will encounter many of Vicenza's highlights whilst learning about the city's history.
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Unesco Palladian Villas in Vicenza: E-Bike private tour with picnic and aperitif
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For a sampling overview of Vicenza's suburban Palladian Villas and the fascinating history of the great Architect. A splendid self-guided E-Bike ride among bucolic landscapes and works of genius that marked the history of our Golden Age. Every place in Vicenza has seen the works of this brilliant architect come to life. In the streets of the center, cobblestones recall the steps of a young stonemason who came from Padua to build the new face of the city and its fortunate countryside. Just outside the urban area, among the stones and dust of courtyards in the making, Giangiorgio Trissino coined the most famous name in modern architecture: Palladio, who, like an angel with golden wings, came to shape the forms of a new culture. In addition to the Unesco heritage sites listed in the tour details, you will also be able to pass by and admire the Oasis of the Sources of the Bacchiglione River and the beautiful Villa da Porto Pedrotti and Villa da Porto Casarotto.
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Thiene: Castello di Thiene Entry Ticket
Discover the elegant Castello di Thiene with a pre-reserved entry ticket. Marvel at its luxurious interiors and stroll through the richly decorated rooms.
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Palladian E-Bike Rental in & around Vicenza
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Immerse yourself into the beauty of our past riding a Palladian E-Bike! Palladian E-bikes are luxury silent, confortable, high performance and enjoyable ones: they quickly (and invariably) bring a smile to the rider's face, along with that feeling of contentment, confidence and relaxation.
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Private twilight visit with a glass of wine
Visit at Villa Valmarana ai Nani with an expert guide, enjoy a good glass of wine and relax in this unique candlelit atmosphere
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Private pasta-making class at a Cesarina's home with tasting in Vicenza
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Immerse yourself in a private pasta-making class at the Cesarina's home, learn the secrets of the region's most famous pasta dishes and taste the fruit of your labour accompanied by a glass of local wine. During the lesson the Cesarina will reveal the tricks of the trade of 3 authentic regional pasta recipes. Have fun putting your cooking skills to the test. Each participant will have a workstation equipped with utensils and all the ingredients to make the dishes. Then, taste everything you have prepared accompanied by a selection of red and white local wines. Le Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of 600+ home cooks all over the country in more than 120 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
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Vicenza Private Walking Tour
Discover Vicenza, the city of Palladio, where historic charm meets modern vibes. Explore UNESCO-listed sites, witness post-WWII renewal, and admire the beauty of centuries of diverse ruling empires.
Price from 250,00 EUR
CSTRents - Vicenza Segway PT Authorized Tour
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• 3-hour Segway tour lead by an expert local guide • See top Vicenza attractions including: Contrà Porti, Piazzetta Santo Stefano, the Church of Saint Corona. The Olympic Theatre, the architectural masterpiece of Andrea Palladio and the first indoor theatre in the world, and Chiericati Palace, the most representative Palladian building in the city. The Villa Capra Valmarana, better known as “Villa La Rotonda”. Brief stop at San Paolo Bridge to see San Michele Bridge on the other side of the River Retrone. Through Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient market area, we will arrive into Piazza dei Signori, the main square, and we'll find the Basilica, Palladio’s first public building and the Loggia of the Capitaniato, Palladio’s most famous attempt to use coloured architecture. • Hear tales of colorful history from a knowledgeable guide • Enjoy a Segway sightseeing tour that’s suitable for all fitness levels • Small-group tour with a maximum of eight people ensures a personalized experience
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Villa Valmarana: exclusive guided tour of Tiepolo's frescoes
Uncover the details and secrets of Tiepolo's frescoes with this entry ticket to the Villa Valmarana in Vicenza. Be accompanied by a guide from the Valmarana family and end with a glass of wine.
Price from 390,00 EUR
Discover the Lands of Custoza with E-bike and Wine Tasting
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Leaving from Villafranca, just about 20 minutes away from Verona, you will admire beautiful landscapes and discover the most offbeat paths around Verona and Garda Lake. Our e-bikes are suitable for couples, friends and single travelers. We will cycle along the Tione river for about 45 minutes before getting over the top of Custoza hills, emblematic place of the ‘Sardinian Tambourine’ told by De Amicis in the book ‘Cuore’. Here we will visit a 200 hundred years old family-run winery and taste local Custoza wine paired with real homemade cheese, salami and bread. Delighted by stunning views of beautiful vineyards and the flat countryside we also can admire the Romeo & Juliet castle from the top. This is a true local experience along which we would like to let you feel the same passion for our land and local traditions.
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Vicenza: Cooking Class at a Local's Home
Enjoy a cooking class in a local home as led by a certified home cook. Throughout your experience, you will learn local recipes before tasting your creations, with wine included.
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Cheese dairy farm, winery, liqueurs and spirits, ham and sausage factory
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During this wine and food excursion, not far from Venice, you will spend a day in the Euganean Hills area that rise up from a flat earth. They are the result of volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The landscape is a succession of vineyards, villages, medieval castles, patrician villas that date back to the Renaissance. As well as churches, hermitages and monasteries that still inhabited. In the morning you will visit a dairy farm, as well as a liqueurs and spirits shop. This is one of the oldest European firms producing liqueurs and spirits. As follow, you will visit a farm where they produce the saffron. And in the afternoon a vineyard will welcome you to taste their wines. You will end this day excursion visiting a ham and sausage factory, located in an area famous for the production of the ham recognized by the European Union which has to respect very strict standards: the "Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo". An Italian cultural food tour, a symphony for your palate!
Price from 500,00 EUR
Vicenza Full-Day Tour from Milan
Discover the Amazing Andrea Palladio’s city with a Guided Tour.
Price from 539,00 EUR
Private Pizza & Tiramisu Class at a Cesarina's home with tasting in Vicenza
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Don't lose the opportunity to become a "pizzaiolo" (pizza-maker) and a great tiramisu maker! Enter a local home, connect with an expert home cook and discover how Italian mamma and nonnas used to prepare awesome pizza at home. With this private hands-on cooking class, you will learn how to make pizza and tiramisù from scratch from a real Italian family. To complete your feast, enjoy what you have prepared for lunch or dinner with a selection of local wine included. Have fun putting your cooking skills to the test and amaze your friends and family with a pizza party once you come back home! This experience is suitable for families with children of all ages. Le Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of home cooks all over the country in more than 120 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
Price from 145,00 EUR
Name your recipe: food market tour and workshop with a Cesarina in Vicenza
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Have you ever been to a local market and traditional food shop in Italy, full of ingredients you'd love to experiment with? This is your chance to visit a market with a local expert, choose your most inspiring ingredients, and create and name your very own two recipes.  Go food shopping with your Cesarina and choose 3-5 staple ingredients that capture your imagination before immersing yourself in a private cooking class at their home. With their expert guidance, you will learn how to prepare your chosen ingredients and make your own two Italian creations. Cultivate your creativity and confidence in the kitchen by adding an Italian flair to your dishes.  Then, taste everything you have prepared accompanied by a selection of red and white local wines. Le Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of home cooks all over the country in more than 120 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
Price from 155,00 EUR
Tasting of 3 Garda Wines and Tortellini in Valeggio
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This experience takes place in a historic tavern in Valeggio sul Mincio, one of the most characteristic villages on Lake Garda. You will taste the typical dish, famous all over the world, Tortellini, with a tasting of 3 young local wines, to get to know the flavors of our land better on the palate
Price from 39,00 EUR