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CLONE OF Mountain Bike Tour from Sapporo Including Hoheikyo Onsen and Lunch
This half-day mountain bike tour, perfect for beginners, rewards you with a soak at Hoheikyo Onsen. After a 1.5-hour ride along an easy, paved path through the ‘onsen’ (hot spring) town of Jozankei for a snack, you’ll delight in the pure waters of Hoheikyo's outdoor baths, followed by a curry lunch that's popular among locals. Round-trip transport is included from Sapporo. Numbers are limited to 10 on this small-group tour, ensuring a personalized experience with your expert guide. Please note: This tour is seasonal and runs yearly between April and November. The date is subject to change.
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Ice Village Tour (Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan and Tomamu Ice Village)
“Kotan” means “Village” and these two mysterious villages will only appear in the winter of Hokkaido.One appears on Lake Shikaribetsu, the highest lake in Hokkaido. There are a lot of ice buildings in the Kotan, such as an ice bar, ice concert hall, ice chapel, and lots to see. Though it sounds crazy, the most famous attraction there is the Ice Hot Spring on the frozen lake! (Please take your own towel for the hot spring.)We also love the ice village surrounded by forest in Tomamu. There you can find an ice café, ice bar, ice slide, and there is also an ice skating rink! Indoor activities such as ice glass workshops are also provided.*For people who would like to ski in Tomamu only, we could offer you transportation. All the details could be negotiable.
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Sapporo / Hokkaido Half-Day Private Tour with Government Licensed Guide
Enjoy an efficient, half-day walking tour of Sapporo accompanied by a nationally/state licensed, experienced multilingual guide! Your guide will help you explore Sapporo while introducing both modern and traditional sides of this dynamic, ancient city.Sapporo City, on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, may be more famous for its winter activities, but your private guide will tell you that it is a destination that can be enjoyed year-round.Our tours feature a morning pickup at your hotel in Sapporo, then a visit to any number of possible sites. Let us know what you would like to experience and we will customize a four-hour, half-day tour that's best for you!Note*1: Please select your must-see spots from a list in the tour information to create your customized itinerary.Note*2: Nationally and State Licensed Tour Guide-Interpreter certification is issued by the Japanese government requires a good knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and history.
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Private Tour - A Cycling Tour to Eat All of the Iconic Sapporo Foods!
“Delicious foods and beautiful spots” that is all that counts in a tour, isn’t it?On this tour, you will visit restaurants that are not for tourists but popular among locals. The iconic food: fried chicken, sushi prepared with fresh seafood, “Sapporo Ramen”, and parfait after dinner, which is becoming a trend in Sapporo will make it an unforgettable delicious tour.To visit those spots effectively, you will use a bicycle! Enjoy the scenery by bicycle and get prepared for the next meal! Don’t worry, we are prepared in the case for rainy or too cold days.You will also visit sightseeing spots! Sounds like a plan? Don’t forget to book your yummy Sapporo tour, with your otomo guide!
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[Sapporo] Wear Japanese clothes and leave for autumn leaves in a private car
Wear Japanese clothes and enjoy the autumn leaves in a private car. Tour the Momiji Tunnel Hiraoka Art Center, Sapporo Fushimi Inari and Hokkaido Jingu.Of course, the driver will help you with the photo shoot.Impress your travel with the motto of “safe, secure and comfortable”.
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Hand-rolled sushi experience tour at Sapporo Nijo Market
A guide to the famous Sapporo market, Sapporo Nijo Market. And after buying fresh seafood, you make hand-rolled sushi by yourself. We will welcome you at a Japanese style home party. If you want to enjoy fresh Hokkaido ingredients and Japanese style meals, please join us.
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[Biei, Furano] One day sightseeing by private car (from Sapporo, arrival)
It is a trip of Hokkaido sightseeing NO.1. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are popular all year round and can be enjoyed again and again.Of course you can arrange for yourself. Make your customers want to go to reality.With the motto “reliable, safe and comfortable,” it impresses the movement.
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Hokkaido Private Walking Tour
• You can visit any places Sapporo or around Sapporo area at your own requests. • Enjoy local taste at famous restaurant but not for tourists in Sapporo or around Sapporo. • Enjoy your private tour with well experience and friendly English speaking guide.
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Private Tour - A Bar-Hopping Tour to Make the Most of the Sapporo Nightlife
Do you know how to enjoy your nightlife to your fullest? The answer is simple. “To have your local otomo guide!” You will first appreciate the night view which was listed at the top three of the best night view list in Japan. You will have a panoramic view of the whole city from the top of a mountain! The view on the way to the summit on a ropeway is also magnificent.After that, you will bar-hop at the recent hottest spot: Soseikawa. There are a lot of good restaurants that only locals know since it is a relatively new spot! Being famous for its agriculture and fishing industry, you will like the plates served by those restaurants!
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small group sapporo explore (best to do in sapporo)
Planning and selling transportations, accommodations, insurance and other travel servicesCooperating with clients to determine their needs and advising them appropriate destination, modes of transportations, travel dates, costs and accommodationsProviding relevant information, brochures and publications (guides, local customs, maps, regulations, events etc) to travelers
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Private Tour - 100 Years History! Experience Life Changes in Hokkaido
Hokkaido, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, has developed from 140 years ago incorporating skills from abroad. Discover the history of Hokkaido with your otomo guide. "Historic Village of Hokkaido" is Hokkaido as it was 140 years ago! There are 52 restored historic buildings and horse railways throughout the city. Taste the confectionery of the time, and have a cultural experience. In winter, you can experience the old snow activities like snowshoeing, bamboo skiing and sleding. You can also visit historical places to learn about Hokkaido since its pioneering days. Let's go on a journey to explore the history of Hokkaido!
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Private Tour - Sapporo Western Architecture for Photo Lovers
Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido celebrates its 150th anniversary. It has many magnificent buildings. This tour takes you to much appealing Western architecture with a fancy interior. For the architect and photo-lovers in you, this tour is for you!We will visit hotels with beautiful sculptures, a Western building made from rare stone such as Sapporo soft stone, and of course one of Sapporo's popular tourist spots, the red brick government building. Stop by at Hokkaido University, a niche spot for tourists. Find buildings with high historical value, that are not well known on campus. Let's go on a journey to discover beautiful western architecture with your otomo tour guide!
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The Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill Admission Ticket
Visit the Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, with a statue of Dr. Clark. Although it is in the downtown area of Sapporo, you can see the grass and the sheep grazing in such rural scenery of Hokkaido. From early January to early March, you can enjoy activities such as tire sleds and walking skiing for free.
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Airport transfer jumbo taxi plan Sapporo city hotel → New Chitose Airport
This transfer can take up to 9 people. Luggage can be loaded for more than the number of people.The driver will pick you up at the hotel lobby or entrance.Please leave the luggage to the driver. It is direct to the international and domestic entrances of New Chitose Airport. It takes about one hour to reach New Chitose Airport by using the highway.
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Sapporo Custom Half Day Tour
This private and customizable tour for Sapporo is perfect for guests who would like to have their own itinerary planned based on their interests and preferences, allowing guests to experience the city at their own pace.
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Sapporo Photoshoot Service with an Experienced Photographer
- Book this photoshoot service to shoot your pre-wedding photos in Sapporo!- This photographer service is so good in which he will take good shots and -produce good outputs to be uploaded on social medias- You can choose where the photos will be taken in this Sapporo photography service- You'll get freepic editor in the end with good amounts of photos
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Private Airport Transfer: Between New Chitose Airport (CTS) and Sapporo
Skip the hassle of transportation from the New Chitose International Airport to or from Sapporo by booking a private transfer for up to 35 passengers. This is the most convenient way to begin or end your trip to Sapporo. There are various types of vehicles available, and depending on the size of your party, a proper-sized vehicle will be arranged.
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Experience a real ninja in Sapporo! 100% satisfaction! !
The roots of the ninja were the "ninja", which existed from the Sengoku period to the Edo period in Japan. During the Warring States period, which lasted 150 years from the late 15th century, the sneak in was an intelligence agent active under a daimyo. The technique of sneaking is not only a fighting technique that is easily spotlighted, but also a technique for collecting information and building relationships. The teaching was to avoid unnecessary battles and move efficiently based on accurate information. It may be closer to the modern CIA agent or 007. Controlling information is the essence of a ninja. If you think so, even if you do not appear on the stage, you will deliver information to those who want it, analyze and manipulate information, support others with shadows, and move the world. Such a shinobi philosophy will surely lead to modern times.We are the only ninja experience dojo in Hokkaido where you can experience various ninja experiences that such a ninja (ninja person) was going to.
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Full-Day Private Guided Tour Ainu Culture from Sapporo
This one-day plan was specially designed for visitors with an interest in Ainu culture and the outdoors. Join us for the exciting grand-opening of the Upopoy National Ainu Museum & Park, the first-ever national facility featuring the indigenous people of northern Japan. We provide a guided tour of the museum and park from the morning. Then in the afternoon, we will journey outdoors and experience the stunning views of Hokkaido through guided nature tours. Immerse yourself in Ainu culture authentically– all in one day.We believe that a tour guide should be knowledgeable. Each of our guides has thoroughly studied for a content examination on Ainu culture, history, and customs. Our guides are also known for being friendly and energetic. So, if you have any questions about the Ainu during your trip, please feel free to ask our guides in any of the following languages: English, Japanese, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin Chinese.
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Airport transfer jumbo taxi plan New Chitose Airport → Sapporo city hotel
This transfer can take up to 9 people. Luggage can be loaded for more than the number of people.The driver will pick you up at the airport arrivals lobby.Please leave the luggage to the driver. It is direct to the entrance of the hotel in Sapporo city. It takes about one hour to reach the hotel specified by the customer by using the highway. There are few long trips with luggage.
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Commuter Hire with Simple English Driver in Hokkaido (Sapporo Lake Toya Furano)
We can provide Toyota Commuter which can fit max 13 passenger and driver.Our driver can speak Chinese or Simple EnglishThis tour offers a dedicated car with driver to travel around Hokkaido sightseeing spots. Suggested Itinerary: 1 Enjoy beautiful blooming flowers in Hokkaido (Furano & Biei)Hotel -> Furano Flower Fields -> Biei Patchwork Road & Panorama Road -> Furano Cheese Factory -> Furano Wine Factory -> Hotel2 Sapporo city sightseeingHotel -> Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory -> Odori Park -> Sapporo Central Wholesale Market -> Hotel3 Lake Toya or Noboribetsu Day Trip
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Private Tour - 【Only in Summer】Visit Popular Spots with a Tram in Sapporo
Let”s go on a tour with the tram to visit popular spots in Sapporo efficiently. Since it moves slowly, you can watch the view from it which is magnificent!The attraction of this tour is the train depot! You will have a detail explanation about trains from a train conductor. Of course, your otomo guide will translate it for you! You won't hit this place in a “usual” tour but otomo’s.You will also visit an imposing western-style building, a mountain where you can have a panoramic view of the whole city, and a restaurant where you can have their iconic food! Don’t forget to book your relaxed tour with your otomo guide!
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Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Platform Admission Ticket
The land of Hitsujigaoka was born as a facility for the study of agriculture.The Tsukisamu cattle ranch was created in 1906 and offer beautiful scenery.
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Private Transfer in Hokkaido - Shinchitose Airport to Niseko
We will provide private shuttle using Hiace from Sapporo Area (including Shinchitose Airport) to Niseko Area and vice versa
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Private Tour - A “Like” Collecting Tour for Your SNS in Sapporo, Hokkaido!
The major tourist city of Hokkaido, Sapporo has many spots to take cute pictures!Imagine a picture of yourself in an oriental city! You will have many cute and cool pictures after this tour. You will first get makeup by a professional makeup artist and take pictures with a Pirukara, a photo booth popular among girls. It is not just a normal photo booth, but it makes people look like as they wish; bigger eyes, taller height, a sharper shape of the face, etc… You will be amazed by this Japanese technology for sure! You will also take pictures in a sophisticated street. Your otomo guide will tell you the best spot and best angle so that you will have the best picture ever!
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