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Winter Fat Biking Anchorage Tour
This all-inclusive tour is an excellent taste of what Anchorage is all about in the winter. Perfect for adventures, families, and those who want to get out and explore our winter wonderland. Fat tire biking will put a smile on your face and make you feel like a kid again. Experience the fat bike phenomenon where it was born. Fat tire biking has become one of the most popular ways for locals and visitors to get out and play in the snow.
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Alaska Wildlife Visit, 1-hr. Glacier Cruise Adventure & Anchorage City Tour
We will share with you a brief history of Anchorage and its modern culture, you will see why we have chosen this incredible place to live and call home. You will also catch the spirit of Alaska and fall in love with Alaska the Last Frontier. You will take home an experience of a lifetime!
Price from 178,80 EUR
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Full day Hiking Adventure
This is the #1 option for individuals seeking a moderate to difficult full-day adventure with a comprehensive variety of features found in the Alaskan wild. This tour provides endless possibilities for photography, a hearty challenge, and immense reward.Highlights:• Experience an full-day hiking adventure in the wild with an experienced guide!• Perfect for solo travelers and couples.• Enjoy breathtaking views of glaciated valleys and glistening alpine lakes.• Learn about Alaska's mix of terrain, including forests, sub-alpine, and tundra.• Opportunity for wildlife viewing, including bear, moose, sheep, and birds!• Provisions include a prepacked snack, courtesy of Kat’s Epic Trail Bites, fresh fruit, and your choice of either reindeer sausage or a cheese-stick.Sign up for an adventure of a lifetime today!
Price from 475,29 EUR
Self-Guided Alaska Wildlife Center and Turnagain Arm Tour w/Alyeska Tram
Enjoy a shuttle tour of the Turnagain Arm, with stops at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and Alyeska where you can enjoy an aerial tram ride or explore one of many scenic hiking trails in the area. Choose to depart at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. with return times at 6:45 p.m. The earlier you start the more free time you will have at the tram to enjoy the stunning scenery and activities of the area. Tour Highlights:- Roundtrip service with a tour of Turnagain Arm- Beluga Point - Stop at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (ticket purchase required)- Alyeska AerialTram (with separate ticket purchase)- Hiking and biking trails
Price from 88,95 EUR
Alpine Classic Trek
This is quite-the-quintessential Alaska hiking experience. Experience the thrill of ascending to heights offering 360-degree views of the nearby Cook Inlet and interior Chugach mountains. Gaze at deep, glaciated, u-shaped valleys, and giant ridgelines defining the landscape. Imagine pristine, treeless, tundra loaded with vegetation that you can touch, taste, and feel. If you have never seen alpine before, prepare to be simply amazed.Highlights:• Trek one of Chugach State Park's finest ridgelines with a top-tier guide!• Perfect for solo travelers and couples. Challenge and reward await!• Enjoy breathtaking views of Anchorage and interior Chugach Mountains.• Learn about Alaska's alpine forests & tundra environment from a naturalist.• Opportunity for wildlife sightings including bear, sheep, marmot and birds!• Provisions include a prepacked snack, courtesy of Kat’s Epic Trail Bites, and your choice of either reindeer sausage or a cheese-stick.Can we count you in? Book now!
Price from 133,87 EUR
Private Departure Transfer - to Anchorage Airport (ANC)
Avoid the stress of waiting for taxis or shuttle transfers and instead ensure peace of mind with this convenient private transfer from your hotel to the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. This airport transportation service operates from Anchorage and Girdwood accommodations. Reach the airport relaxed and with plenty of time before your flight!
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Girdwood Wildlife & Wilderness Photo Tour from Anchorage
This trip will be focused on wildlife and landscape. It offers some of the most amazing views of Alaska. There is no disappointments on this trip as you will return home with those ultimate photographs of a lifetime!
Price from 152,74 EUR
Alaska Wildlife Day Tour with Free Hotel Pickup
Experience some of the most beautiful scenery in Alaska and see an amazing range of Alaska native animals in a natural setting, all in an afternoon!
Price from 94,34 EUR
Fat Tire Biking in Chugach State Park Tour
Go above and beyond Anchorage and get into the mountains with a local leading the way. Drive 30 minutes to the the Flattop Scenic Overlook in Glen Alps. Get acquainted with the landscape as you are now 2,000 feet up looking over Anchorage and the Cook Inlet. From the viewpoint, your guide will point out points of interest that can be see from here. Your guide will fit you for a bike and helmet, then the group will head into the mountains. You will be on a wide double track trail that is dirt and gravel. The fat tire bikes are mountain bikes with 5 inch tires; making them very stable with a lot of cushion and fun to ride. The valley floor is home to moose, bears, ptarmigan and the mountains are home to Dall sheep and wolves. Learn the natural and human history of the Chugach Mountains along the way. Five miles up valley you have left the city and most people behind. Rest next to a small mountain lake while listening to the ground squirrels and birds chips away before heading back.
Price from 124,89 EUR
Heli Hiking
This is one of our staff favorites because you have time to really experience the stunning beauty of the area. There are dozens of incredible high-alpine locations the are ideally suited for heli hiking. Most of them have a view of at least one glacier, sometimes two or three. Depending on the weather, your specific interest and your preference for a more leisurely hike or a steep scramble your guide suggests the best location.
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Gold Panning Self-Guided Tour
Get out of the city of Anchorage and take the Turnagain Arm Shuttle to Indian Valley Gold mine. This self-guided Goldpanning adventure is an opportunity to visit a real mine that helped shape the area. The Goldpanning Tour is truly ideal for the independent traveler who enjoys breathtaking views of Turnagain Arm.This self-guided tour allows you freedom to break away from the tour groups and try your luck at Goldpanning on your own and return at select times. Your journey to Indian Valley Goldmine begins with a custom tour of Turnagain Arm and is a treat you won’t want to miss. On the way to the Indian Valley you will be traveling down Alaska’s most scenic stretch of highway known as Turnagain Arm. Your adventure includes a Turnagain Arm Tour with highlights listed below.When you are ready to continue on simply board the shuttle at the time you chose and with a confirmed seat back to Anchorage. We will be making a stop at Potter Marsh on the return journey back to Anchorage.
Price from 61,99 EUR
Flora and Fauna Nature Walk
This is the perfect tour if you are looking to go on an easy hike, learn about flora & fauna, and see a lovely waterfall. You will experience the incredible diversity of vegetation in a mixed boreal and coastal rainforest. Species like giant spruce, paper birch, and aspens reign from above while alders, willows, and devil’s club dominate the understory. Lichens, fungi, berries, and mosses are waiting to be explored, and we will teach you all about them.Highlights:• Take a nature walk to Chugach State Park's photogenic, Barbara Falls!• An easy, brief, and compelling experience designed for all to enjoy.• Perfect for families with children! • Learn about boreal forests and glaciated valleys through the voice of a naturalist.• Opportunity for wildlife sightings, including moose, bear, and birds.• Provisions include a prepacked snack, courtesy of Kat’s Epic Trail Bites.This is a great way to spend a moment in the wild of Alaska. Truly, a must-do! Are you ready? Book today!
Price from 88,95 EUR
Whittier to Anchorage Cruise Transfer and Private Tour
Welcome to Alaska! Combine this amazing, full-day tour with your cruise ship transfer to make the most of your Alaskan vacation. Experience the best parts of Whittier, Portage Valley, Turnagain Arm, and Anchorage with local guide.Please note: Pricing is per tour, not per guest. Order "1" adult for all ages and group sizes from 1 to 13 guests
Price from 824,75 EUR
Turnagain Arm and Portage Valley Private Tour
Explore the beautiful Turnagain Arm and Portage Valley with a private and local guide. From Anchorage, we'll travel along the scenic Seward Highway. One of only 13 highways in the US with the distinction of "All American Road". Along the way we will have great opportunities to view and photograph wildlife and scenic vistas. First we stop at the beautiful Hotel Alyeska and the ski town of Girdwood. Take an optional scenic tram to the top of Mt Alyeska for lunch with a view. Next stop Portage, where you will board the mv Ptarmigan for an optional one-hour cruise across the stunning scenery of iceberg-dotted Portage Lake. After the cruise, stop in at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Alaska's wildlife. Afterwards, head back to Anchorage and enjoy a narrated city tour including all the best dining places.
Price from 1123,09 EUR
Summer All-In-One
We cater this adventure to the Alaskan environment. Learn about the history of Anchorage. A Real Alaskan Tour Guide sharing facts and personal experiences. From downtown Anchorage, travel along the Turnagain arm to Portage Valley. Two options are available for this tour and do not have to be decided until the day of. In Winter we on use option one as option two is not open. (Opt. 1) Take a trip through a 5K one way tunnel to a former secret military base - now the City of Whittier. Have lunch on us -- fresh halibut or clam chowder. (Opt. 2 summer only subject to cruise availability) Hop aboard the m/v Ptarmigan for a one hour cruise to Portage Glacier. Both summer & winter tours include the Wildlife Conservation Center. Bear, Moose, Elk, Musk-Ox, Wolves, Fox and much more. Tour into the Chugach Mountains with a spectacular view of Turnagain Arm. This includes a full city tour and pick-up/drop-off at location of your choice. This tour offered Private and as a group for the same price.
Price from 211,03 EUR
Alyeska Tram - A Self-Guided Tour
Alyeska Tram a Self-Guided Tour Get out of the city of Anchorage and take the shuttle to Girdwood/Alyeska a small quaint alpine ski village.  This self-guided Alyeska Tram ride is truly idea for the independent traveler who enjoys breathtaking views.  Your shuttle will take you directly to Girdwood where you can take the Free Glacier Valley Transit to the Alyeska Hotel and ride the Tram to the top of Mt. Alyeska and enjoy stunning hiking trails and views that will take your breath away and make your heart palpitate.
Price from 88,95 EUR
Alaska Railroad Anchorage to Denali One Way
How to get to Denali National Park? There’s no finer way to arrive than aboard Alaska Railroad’s flagship train, the Denali Star. Passengers especially appreciate the panoramic views, as on a clear day the route offers incredible views of the train’s namesake peak: Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. We recommend that passengers made advance reservations for accommodations at the Park, as it is not possible to get to and from Denali from Anchorage by rail in the same day. A return rail journey from Denali to Anchorage may be booked separately for a subsequent day. 
Price from 138,00 EUR
Summer Valley and Forest Hike
Experience the wonders found in one of the Chugach State Park's fondest, glaciated valleys. On this tour, we will take you to the glorious Eagle River trail system where boreal forests, and salmon spawning streams are found. This trail network also hosts the renowned "Crow Pass", which is part of the historic Iditarod trail system once used by dog sleds and mushers.Highlights:• Experience hiking in Chugach State Park's Eagle River trail system!• Perfect for solo travelers and couples.• Enjoy breathtaking views of towering vistas. Amazing landscapes await!• Learn about Alaska's boreal forests and glaciated valleys from a skilled naturalist.• Opportunity for wildlife viewing including, salmon, bear, moose and birds.• Provisions include a prepacked snack, courtesy of Kat’s Epic Trail Bites, and your choice of either reindeer sausage or a cheese-stick.If you are looking for a moderate hike with beautiful Alaskan sights and sounds, this is your pick. Book today!
Price from 133,87 EUR
Bear Feeding at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
A journey to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and Turnagain Arm Tour timed to arrive to see the Bear Feeding.Board your Turnagain Arm Shuttle for the guided drive along Alaska’s most scenic highway. From beginning to end there are dramatic views of mountain scenery and the Cook Inlet. At the 140-acre Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, jaws drop in awe-even those of longtime Alaskans. Your shuttle will take you directly to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where you can witness Alaskan Wildlife up-close. We have timed this tour so that all customers will enjoy the bear feeding!Your journey to include a one-hour visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center begins with a custom tour of Turnagain Arm and is a treat you won’t want to miss. On the way to the wildlife center you will be traveling through the Chugach State Park down Alaska’s most scenic stretch of highway. We will include a walk in the Rainforest and Explorer Glacier in Portage Valley.
Price from 115,90 EUR
Private Arrival Transfer from Anchorage Airport ANC
Skip the stress and confusion of finding a taxi upon arrival at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC). Instead, book this private airport transfer service and enjoy convenient, reliable, comfortable private transportation from the airport to your hotel in Anchorage or Girdwood.
Price from 48,52 EUR
Portage Glacier Cruise a Self-Guided Tour
This self-guided Portage Glacier Cruise is truly idea for the independent traveler. Portage Glacier Cruise a Self-Guided Tour is a Self-Guided Tour is for those who enjoy getting away from the crowd and explore on their own and at their pace. You self-guided tour starts at 8 a.m. and you will arrive at Portage at 9:15 a.m. This gives you a chance to hike to the boat launch just 20 minutes from the Portage Glacier Lodge where the boat departs at 10:30 a.m. You may want to grab a stack at the lodge to enjoy on the boat. After the boat take a leisurely walk to the Byron Glacier trail and start your hike. The Byron glacier trail is moderate and fairly flat. It takes 20 minutes to get to the face of Byron and 20 minutes to get back. Then its a 15 minute walk back to the lodge for your shuttle back to Anchorage which will depart at 12:45 p.m. with an arrival back in Anchorage at 3:05 p.m.
Price from 88,95 EUR
Private Transfer: Seward Cruise Port to Anchorage Airport (ANC)
Avoid the stress of waiting for taxis or shuttle transfers and instead book this convenient private transfer from the Port of Seward to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. After your cruise, enjoy comfort and privacy on the long drive to Anchorage. Reach the airport relaxed and with plenty of time before your flight!
Price from 301,89 EUR
Alaskan Salmon 8-Hour Fishing Experience
We take you to our own personal salmon catching areas. All along the drive to our fishing destination, you will have the opportunity to see Alaskan wildlife. Bear, moose, foxes, coyote, lynx, owls and eagles. Beautiful mountains and rivers. And on one of our destinations you will fish across from the Knik Glacier.When we take you out it is more of a family friendly experience. We travel in a 4x4 Mercedes sprinter van and there will be a bbq on board for fresh grilled salmon. Or supply a sandwich and soup. You are welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks but we always carry water on board.
Price from 309,97 EUR
Half-Day Anchorage Craft Brewery Tour and Tastings
Explore 3 of Anchorage’s best off-the-beaten path breweries on this tasty guided tour. See beautiful downtown Anchorage en route to a mix of new and classic breweries. You can learn a lot about a place from its beer, and Alaska is certainly no exception, with a proud beer history and current thriving scene. Learn the inside scoop on the local beer culture and brewery history from your informative guide, meet locals and savor those delicious suds.
Price from 133,87 EUR
Matanuska Glacier Summer Tour
Visit Alaska's largest road accessible glacier and explore blue glacial ice on this wonderful full day tour.
Price from 265,05 EUR