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Fun City Scavenger Hunt in St. Augustine by Zombie Scavengers
In Zombie Scavengers of St. Augustine, players will use an app to try to survive a zombie apocalypse. You'll do so by finding survival objects around the city, in any order you'd like, to get points and do fun zombie themed challenges for points as well. Use strategy to try and find as many items as possible in order to survive. Your survival team will be able to see the score on the app's rankings compared to teams across the country. You'll have a remote host via chat in case you need anything. Let's survive in St. Augustine today!
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90-Minute "Conquistatour of Saint Augustine" Historical Walking Sightseeing Tour
Step back in time on this 90-Minute Guided "Conquistatour of Saint Augustine" Historical Walking Sightseeing Tour. Your Licensed Guide will regale you with tales of Saint Augustine. We we take you to our favorite spots.See the Huganot Cemetery and learn of it's burials. Walk down St. George Street and learn it's history. You will see our tallest building and learn it's contribution to St. Augustine. Learn when the Bridge of Lions was built and it's great story. See some wonderful architecture as you are whisked away to Henry Flagler’s era and find out more about his influence here.Pass by top St. Augustine sites such as:• Castillo de San Marcos National Monument• Huguenot Cemetery• Bridge of Lions• St. George Street• Flagler College (former Hotel Ponce de Leon)• Lightner Museum
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Take a Scenic Boat Ride in St. Augustine
A unique view of St Augustine available only from the water.Since the 1900’s St. Augustine Scenic Cruise has been giving visitors to St. Augustine a unique view of the city and a way to enjoy St. Augustine’s historic land marks and natural beauty.Our 75 minute cruises, narrated by the captain, provide an incomparable way to enjoy St Augustine's historic landmarks and natural sites of interests.
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World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum General Admission in St. Augustine
The World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida tells the stories of its 160 members, plus the history of the game through displays of more than 4,000 artifacts and pieces of memorabilia, photography, art and video. Visitors should plan to spend at least 2-hours in the 70,000 square foot museum.
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St. Augustine: Haunted Walking Tour
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Join a walking tour to hear stories of wars, natural disasters, pirates, and ghosts to learn what makes St. Augustine so haunted.
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West Gate Paranormal Haunted Wanderings Tour
Investigating the afterlife since 1995, West Gate Paranormal Tours are run by paranormal investigators, who have researched the history as well as the legends of the nation's oldest city.Our tour is owned by one of the top rated tour guides in the city and state, and has helped to set up other tour companies and help them reach top status as well.Our tours are non-theatrical, and we rely on FACTUAL history, so there's a lot of debunking, but none of the Halloween style scares. You will be presented with some of the most thorough history, and told of the legends of the city, as well as hear the actual story behind where some of these legends originated from.We have investigated areas within the city that had never before been investigated, and we have appeared on TV presenting some of our evidence found in the very spots that the tour will guide you.We offer a unique, and historically accurate tour. Why not join us and find your OWN evidence?
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Medieval Torture Museum with audio guide & ghost hunting experience
Get more with less with this awesome Medieval Torture Museum and Micro Art combo package! Get the best of both experiences at a lower price.
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St. Augustine: 1.5-Hour Ghost Walking Tour
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Discover the ghostly side to St. Augustine on this 1.5-hour walking tour through the Old Town’s most haunted locations. Visit 2 cemeteries, and hear the stories along the way about the town’s long deceased residents.
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Quackery: The Dark Side of Medicine
First tour of it's kind!!A time in history when the most outrageous, ridiculous, and downright deadly treatments were preformed, all in the name of medicine.Due to the nature of this tours, Adults Only.
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Ghosts of St. Augustine Walking Tour
Discover the haunted history of America's Oldest City. With over four centuries of crime, scandal, adventure, piracy, and imprisonment, the ghosts of St. Augustine have a wealth of secrets to share. Walk down the Colonial Quarter by lamplight in search of lost spirits; visit the Castillo de San Marcos to find its founding phantoms. Whether it's the ghosts of Yellow Fever or Ponce de Leon, you're sure to encounter a wandering soul.
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Old City Ghosts Walking Tour in St. Augustine
The stories you will hear are from some of the earliest colonial settlements up into the 20th century. The accounts on our tour are researched, authentic, and up-to-date to ensure you have the best, most chilling experience possible.
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Afterlife Tours- Beyond the Grave Tour
Afterlife Tours is walking tour in historic St. Augustine, FL. that features real paranormal evidence that has been captured at every location by our team the Savannah Ghost Research Society. Every stop has been fully researched at the historic society, so we debunk urban myths and tell the TRUE stories of what really happened. Stops on this tour include 7 Aviles Street (which has been featured on the hit television show My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera), the Castillo de San Marcos, Tolomato Cemetery, Huguenot Cemetery, and Casa de Suenos (a former Funeral home that was converted into a Bed and Breakfast).
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St. Augustine Historical Secrets Scavenger Hunt for Family Fun
Specially designed with friends and families in mind, this scavenger hunt can be difficult or simple based on how it conducted. It can be a mad, all-out search with a winner take all flair or it could be a casual stroll with learning at each stop...It is your tour, you decide!
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Afterlife Tours- Shadows of the Supernatural Tour
Afterlife Tours is walking tour in historic St. Augustine, FL. that features real paranormal evidence that has been captured at every location by our team the Savannah Ghost Research Society. Every stop has been fully researched at the historic society, so we debunk urban myths and tell the TRUE stories of what really happened. Stops on this tour include 7 Aviles Street (which has been featured on the hit television show My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera), the Castillo de San Marcos, Tolomato Cemetery, Huguenot Cemetery, and Casa de Suenos (a former Funeral home that was converted into a Bed and Breakfast).
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Walking Ghost Tour of St Augustine
This is a 90-minute, unscripted walking tour that will take guests deep into St. Augustine’s darker history. Professionally licensed guides share stories passed from one generation to the next about the oldest city’s strange and difficult past. Tours are multi-generational, family friendly and pet friendly. Persons with mobility limitations will also enjoy the tour.Tours include some history and a lot of mystery. Guides will also provide instructions on how to use ghost hunting tools, which can be used by guests in their efforts to identify and interact with those who have departed, but refuse to leave.Guests may witness or capture their own evidence of paranormal happenings while visiting St. Augustine’s most acclaimed hauntings.
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Secrets of St Augustine Ghost Tours
DISCLAIMER: Dion Moore has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. While he fights this battle, A Ghostly Encounter has agreed to help keep his business afloat by hosting all his tours.Tours will depart from 12 St George Street, adjacent to the Oldest Wooden School House.A 90-minute walking tour will guide guests through the historic and haunted streets of the Oldest City to hear ghost stories, tall tales, and legends. You will visit the City Gates, Public Burial Grounds, Tolomato Cemetery, the Old Funeral Parlor, And the Grounds of Castillo De San Marcos, ending at the same location you started from. Our overall group size is 24 or less between both companiesIf the time you are looking for is not available please go to A Ghostly Encounter on Trip Advisor as more times may be available. Thanks for all your help Dion
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Walking History Tour of St. Augustine's Historic District
Our tour takes a unique approach to tours in St. Augustine. We limit our groups smaller to create a more personal experience. Our certified guides offer the most experienced and entertaining historical narrative of the city of St. Augustine, locations of historic events and the citizens who helped create and maintain the oldest city in the nation.We will cover the founding of the city, the first Spanish period (1565-1763), the British Period (1763-1784), the second Spanish period (1784-1821), the American territorial period (1821-1845), and the Flagler Era (Gilded Age, 1884-1913).This is a walking tour which covers a 1.7 mile route over the 90 minutes of the experience. It takes place during the day in Florida, so plan accordingly. Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring water, sunscreen and maybe an umbrella as well. There will be restrooms available at the beginning, end, and at the midway point as well.This is the perfect tour for the history enthusiast!
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Ghost Tour of St. Augustine: The Original Haunted History Tour
The Haunted History Tour is taking a different approach your your paranormal experience. Our tour will be unique, with a smaller number of guests to guarantee your best ghostly experience. The tour is based in the complete and accurate history of the city of St. Augustine and the sites that are visited. All guides are fully licensed. This tour is in fact a 'ghost hunting' experience. Guides are all Paranormal Investigators, members of P.A.St.A. (Paranormal Associates St. Augustine) who will instruct guests in the devices, methods, and techniques used in the field of paranormal investigation. Guides will also recount their personal experiences, share evidence debunk many of the false tales that have been circulated as true stories in the city for decades but have no factual basis. Guests will receive the official Spyglass Travel Ghost Map of St. Augustine, which allows them to investigate sites of famous haunting incidents which are not included in the tour itself.
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Walking Tour in North City Cemeteries of St. Augustine
This tour is both unique and exciting as you get up close to both cemeteries while hearing of its haunted presence. Step on grounds dug up from the sweat of slave labor and bodies buried beneath its surface. This truly special walk is surely one to remember. NOTE: I can not stress enough to take lots of pictures, the results will be amazing!
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St. Augustine: Marineland Park Admission Ticket
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Visit Marineland in St. Augustine to view various animals, including Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, and red-footed tortoises, and enjoy educational shows and exhibits.
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Dolphin and Wildlife Adventure of St. Augustine
Experienced Naturalist on board as your guide, you will be sure to leave with a new passion for our marine life. This part of Florida is beaming with estuary delights, all of which come together to form quite an ecosystem. Here in the bay of St. Augustine, we are lucky to have an abundance of dolphin, and other magnificent wildlife. We regularly see them playing and hunting on our tours! Although nature is never guaranteed, we bring you to the best locations to observe the wildlife including dolphins, sea turtles and Florida birds such as the pelican, osprey and roseate spoonbill.This tour is great for any age, but if you are over 21 we have a bar on board with a great variety of beer and wine including mimosa's! We also have snacks and soft drinks available! No outside alcohol allowed, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drink as long as non-alcoholic.We have plenty of free parking at our location and a restroom on board for your convenience.
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Ancient City Tarot Walk and Deeply Buried Mysteries in St. Augustine
Come experience the Tarot Stroll & Ghost Tour in Saint Augustine. Join Brit and friends, as mind and body are attuned to the past, present, and future of this historic city! Experience not only the dark and mystery of the city, but its divine connection and interpretation through Brit's Tarot observations! Like St. Augustines famous cemetery the Heugonaut where ghosts are known to appear unexpectedly! The tarot cards five and seven of words embody sadness, tragedy, and despair the fill the haunted site! Stroll with Brit as you visit other sites throughout the city and allow your senses to open up to the mystery and secrets of this fabulous city.
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Guardian Angels of St. Augustine Walking Tour
Who, other than the Guardian Angels, could convert the most incredulous stories of St. Augustine's past? Stories that went from battles, epidemics, yellow fever, fires, and pirate raids, to enchantment and kindness. Guardian Angels have been a rich part of the city's history for 455 years, and now you can explore the folklore, divine interventions, and history in Saint Augustine. This exquisite tour offers history, mystery and paranormal.
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St. Augustine: Haunted Old Town Trolley Tour
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Hear ghostly stories of St. Augustine's past on this haunted tour. With a ghost for a guide, walk among the dead in old cemeteries and hear spooky stories in haunted buildings. Visit Potter's Wax Museum and look out for moving shadows at the Old Jail.
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Haunted Trolley Tour of St Augustine
Explore the darker side of the Nation’s Oldest City and let our Ghost Host be your guide. Climb aboard our Trolley of the Doomed as we journey to St. Augustine’s most haunted locations. Be Warned! Experience a frightening stop at the Potter's Wax Museum. This tour may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age.
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