Hello ready! Howdy! Let’s explore an exciting destination together. Where? Well, let’s visit Colmar, France! Wow! It’s a fantastic tourist spot nestled in the heart of the Alsace region in northeastern France. Indeed, it’s a picturesque town, exuding a fairytale-like charm that captivates every visitor. The good news is there are 10 best tours in Colmar, France. Let’s explore those!

Colmar offers an enchanting experience to every visitor. You’ll fall in love with the timber-framed houses and flower-filled canals. Of course, there’s a lot of historical heritage to explore too!

Let’s explore this breathtaking destination with our handpicked tours and excursions!

Let’s embark on this delightful adventure together!


1. Unveiling Colmar’s Treasures

Discover the hidden gems of Colmar on this captivating Small-Group Walking Tour. Indeed, you’ll get an expert guide to help you weave through the cobblestone streets. You’ll love the harming canals adorned with colorful blooms, we bet!

Enjoy a walk through the well-maintained old town and explore many historical landmarks. It includes the Pfister House and Saint Martin’s Church.

Also, visit the charming Little Venice and Fishmonger’s District neighborhoods. You’ll have an excellent opportunity to learn about the town’s culture and traditions. Thus, it is a perfect way to discover Colmar’s hidden gems!

Colmar Tasting Tour

2. Enjoy the famous Colmar Wine Tasting Tour for a Gastronomic Delight

Indulge in the culinary delights of Colmar with a Delightful Wine Tasting Experience. Set in a charming local winery, you can sample some of the finest wines from the Alsace region. You’ll be learning about the winemaking process and have fun. Also, learn about the characteristics of different grape varieties. Since it’s a guided tour, you’ll also learn how to pair wines with exquisite dishes. Indeed, it’s a gastronomic journey providing insights into the region’s winemaking traditions. Raise a glass and toast to the remarkable flavors of Colmar!

3. Enjoy Colmar Segway Tour and experience the Thrill

Feel the wind in your hair as you effortlessly glide through the streets of Colmar on a thrilling Segway Tour. It’s ideal for those seeking a fun and unique way to explore the town.

This adventure takes you to key landmarks like the Old Customs House and the Dominican Church. 

A knowledgeable guide will impart fascinating historical facts and narratives throughout your excursion to ensure your adventure is both enlightening and captivating

Embrace the modern technology of a Segway while still immersing yourself in Colmar’s timeless beauty.


4. Enjoy the Medieval Magic by visiting Riquewihr

Step into a storybook setting with a Half-Day Tour of Riquewihr, a medieval gem nestled amid vineyards and rolling hills. This guided excursion from Colmar allows you to explore this well-preserved village’s enchanting cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses. Admire the fortified walls and visit landmarks like the Thieves Tower and the Dolder Gate. Immerse yourself in the authentic Alsatian atmosphere, and remember to taste the local delicacies and renowned wines, adding a dash of culinary delight to this magical adventure.

5. Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Colmar’s Awe

For a breathtaking experience, embark on a Hot Air Balloon Ride, offering an aerial perspective of Colmar’s awe-inspiring beauty. As you ascend gently into the sky, the panoramic views of the town and the surrounding Alsace countryside unfold before you. The experience of floating gracefully above the picturesque landscapes is genuinely unforgettable. The silence and serenity aloft will provide a sense of tranquility, making this adventure an exceptional memory to cherish forever.

6. Visit the Unterlinden Museum and unveil Art and History

Explore the abundant cultural legacy of Colmar by visiting the Unterlinden Museum, a stunning architectural masterpiece that houses a diverse collection of artworks and historical objects. Admire masterpieces like the Isenheim Altarpiece, showcasing Renaissance art’s brilliance. Explore the archaeological section and learn about the region’s history, from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. With exhibits ranging from fine art to ancient relics, this museum promises an enlightening and enriching experience for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Colmar Cycling Tour

7. Join the unmissable Cycling Adventure Scenic Colmar Tour

Saddle up and embark on a Cycling Adventure, immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Colmar and its scenic surroundings—pedal along the Alsace Wine Route, passing through lush vineyards, charming villages, and picturesque landscapes. Enjoy the fresh air as you stop at local wineries to sample some of the region’s finest wines. With each pedal turn, you’ll feel a deeper connection to this idyllic region’s natural wonders and cultural heritage.

Colmar Boat Tour

8. Enjoy the Serenity on Colmar’s Canals

Discover Colmar’s charming waterways from a different perspective with a peaceful Boat Tour. Drift along the canals, under arching bridges, and past charming houses adorned with flowers. This serene journey offers a tranquil escape from the bustling streets, allowing you to relax and admire the town’s beauty leisurely. Whether you’re traveling solo or with loved ones, the Boat Tour promises to create cherished memories of Colmar’s unique allure.

Colmar Night Tour

9. Nighttime Ghost Tour: Unearth Colmar’s Secrets

For those seeking a spine-tingling experience, the Nighttime Ghost Tour of Colmar promises to unearth the town’s secrets and mysteries. Led by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll explore dimly lit alleyways and hear chilling tales of haunted landmarks and restless spirits. This thrilling journey into the town’s dark past will send shivers down your spine while providing fascinating insights into Colmar’s history and folklore.

10. E-bike Adventure: Colmar’s Vineyard Trail

Embark on an electrifying E-bike Adventure through the rolling vineyards surrounding Colmar. You can easily conquer the slopes using electric bikes while enjoying the wine-growing region’s beautiful views. Stop at local wineries to taste exquisite wines and learn about the viticulture practices. This eco-friendly and exhilarating tour allows you to experience the stunning countryside while contributing to sustainable travel.

Final Verdict

Colmar truly stands as a gem within the Alsace region, offering a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. The town’s fairy-tale ambiance, charming canals, and vibrant vineyards make it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an enchanting adventure.

The ten tours and activities we’ve explored in this blog post showcase Colmar’s diverse experiences. From walking tours that unveil hidden treasures to soaring high on hot air balloons and from wine tastings that tantalize the taste buds to cycling adventures through picturesque landscapes, there’s something for every traveler’s preference.

The best way to fully appreciate Colmar’s rich history and charm is by taking one of these tours, each providing a unique view of the town’s marvels. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, a culinary connoisseur, or an adventure seeker, Colmar welcomes you with open arms.

So, don’t hesitate to plan your journey to this enchanting destination, where you’ll create unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. As you explore Colmar’s streets, taste its exquisite wines, and immerse yourself in its intriguing history, you’ll fall in love with its timeless charm.

With Colmar’s beguiling aura, there’s no doubt that every step you take will be a delightful adventure into a storybook setting. Let the magic of this picturesque town enchant your soul and leave you with cherished memories of a lifetime. Don’t forget to check other exciting tour and activities, Click Here!


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