If you’re planning your next vacation, you should consider Rovinj. This beautiful town on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations. Its picturesque setting, charming old town, and stunning beaches make it a perfect place to explore and relax. So why wait? Plan your trip to Rovinj now and enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of Croatia’s most beautiful destinations!

The city is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. Let’s explore the top 10 things to do in Rovinj.

Speedboat Tour from Rovinj

1. Plan a memorable Speedboat Tour from Rovinj

Embark on a mesmerizing tour of Venice and explore iconic landmarks like St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and the Rialto Bridge. Discover the charming city’s rich culture, history, and architecture on this unforgettable journey. Book your Venice tour today and experience the magic of this enchanting city! You can ride a gondola through the city’s canals and indulge in a delicious traditional Italian lunch.

Abseiling Tour

2. Explore hidden mysteries: Tunnel Abseiling Tour

This tour takes you to the 550-meter-long underground World War II fortress, allowing you to try abseiling – descending a rock face with a rope. Therefore, the fortress remained unfinished and is a unique combination of architecture created by man and nature. Until a few years ago, this building was forgotten and hidden. It was recently discovered, put to right, and equipped for visitors.

Hidden Gem Motovun

3. Explore the Hidden Gems: Labin, Motovun & Hum

This day trip takes you to three beautiful towns on the Istrian peninsula. You’ll be fascinated by their landscapes and traditions. The tour starts at Hum, the smallest city in the world, with a great historical heritage and a network of streets taken from a fairy tale. The time will continue through Istria to Motovun, a medieval town, where you can take a route on foot through its streets to discover some of its most representative monuments, such as the St. Stephen’s Church bell tower and the city walls. Finally, you’ll approach Labin, one of the best-preserved acropolis of Istria, situated on a hill. It is known as the city of the artists. It has many cultural and historical monuments worth seeing, such as the church of Santa Maria, the Scampicchio Palace, and the Santa Flor Gate.

Rovinj Sunset Tour

4. Rovinj Sunset Kayaking Tour

Paddle through a sublime half-day tour of Rovinj during this sunset kayaking expedition and bask in the mesmerizing view of the old town from the seaside. Escape the chaos of the city streets and overcrowded boat tours as you revel in the flexibility of this journey. We provide life jackets as a safety measure. Convenient, central meeting point close to transport.

Istria Food Tour

5. Istria Food Tour

Are you ready for a mouth-watering experience? Join us on a delightful journey through Istria and indulge in its diverse cuisine and wine. Our friendly, licensed tour guide will offer a local perspective of the city to make your adventure even more memorable. Come along, and let’s have some delicious fun! Walking food tours are available in Novigrad, Umag, Porec, Rovinj, and Pula.

6. Sunset Dolphins Speedboat Tour

Embark on an adventurous tour that promises to be a mesmerizing experience, taking you on a thrilling speedboat ride to witness the breathtaking beauty of the sunset and the playful dolphins. You can select either shared or private time, depending on your preference. The tour commences at the picturesque Rovinj’s port, where you will board the speedboat and set sail towards the horizon, immersing yourself in the panoramic views and stunning natural surroundings.

Winnetou Canyon

7. Photo Safari through the Winnetou Canyon

This tour takes you to the famous Winnetou Canyon, where you can explore the beautiful landscapes and take photos of the stunning scenery. Stop for lunch at a local restaurant, then visit Hum – the smallest town in the world.

Baredine Cave

8. Tour Baredine Cave

This tour takes you to Baredine Cave, where you can explore the fascinating underground world of stalactites and stalagmites. The time is easy to follow. You’ll see unique features up close and learn about history and geology from a guide. The cave’s formations are stunning. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Baredine Cave. The time includes visiting the nearby village of Nova Vas, where you can learn about Istria’s traditional way of life.

Rovinj Walking Tour

9. Explore the city: Guided Walking Tour

Take advantage of the opportunity to discover Rovinj’s cultural heritage and history on foot by taking this walking tour. The tour includes visiting the town’s famous landmarks, such as the Church of St. Euphemia and the Balbi Arch.

Wine tour of Istria

10. Istria Wine Tour from Rijeka and Opatija

This tour takes you on a wine tour of Istria, where you can taste the region’s famous wines and learn about the wine-making process. The tour includes Rijeka and Opatija towns to explore their cultural heritage and history.

Final Verdict

Rovinj is a top destination for travelers, boasting stunning architecture, a picturesque waterfront, a vibrant art scene, and mouth-watering cuisine. All in all, it’s a place that should be on your travel list if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience. Check out this bucket list of exciting tours and activities and stay refreshed in 2024!


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