Humm, Is it Tulum where you are planning to visit shortly? Do you know exactly where it located and famous? What attracts over 300,000 visitors to this beautiful destination? Keep reading as we’ll discuss all shorty in this article.

Tulum is a beautiful coastal town located on the Mayan Riviera in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This famous resort town is known for its tranquil beaches, ancient ruins, and laid-back atmosphere. There’s something magnetic in this Mexican destination to attract over thousands of new-age crowd each year.

You’ll find turquoise sea surrounded by stunning wide sandy beaches and beach clubs. It is indeed a mecca for all sun-seekers from around the world. Also, there are cenotes, which are springs, caves, and underground rivers, Mexico’s hidden secrets. There’re eco-parks with tons of exciting outdoor activities like zip-lining and cycling. Next up: Mayan city, perched on a clifftop and a famous attraction to visit in Tulum.

Let’s move on to explore Tulum together and find out the ten exciting things to do over here.

Tulum Ruins

1. Explore the Tulum Ruins

Among the city’s biggest attractions are the Tulum Ruins. These are 14th-century ruins and surviving for decades out there. These are indeed an essential historic artifact you’ll discover in the Yucatan Peninsula. Furthermore, the defensive wall is something that stands out. It is a five-meter high wall surrounded by gates and cliffs. Also, visit the Temple of the Frescoes, whose interior walls have haunting paintings, painted on them.

2. Visit Sian Kaan

Sian Kaan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tulum. Over here, you’ll find more than twenty sites of historical importance. Also, it is famous for its amazing biodiversity, tropical forest, marshes, and reefs. On a guided half-day tour, discover unique animals like pumas, jaguars, ocelots, howler monkeys, and others as you drive amidst the forest. Reach the lagoon and explore beautiful marine life like dolphins, turtles, manatees, and others.

3. Sistema Sac Actun

Tulum attractions will surprise you, and of course, the Sistema Sac Actun is one among them. It is one of the world’s most extensive underwater cave system stretching over 300 kilometers. It is indeed a unique natural treasure to marvel. Snorkeling is allowed. Therefore, make sure to carry a waterproof camera along with you.

4. Visit Xel-Ha Park

Xel-Ha is an aquatic theme park and a popular attraction to visit in Tulum. It is also an archaeological site located on a rocky inlet, which was once a harbor. Over here, you’ll find beautiful aquatic life in the lagoon water like tangs, parrot-fish, string rays, and others. Book a day trip and explore this exciting place with your family for a memorable encounter.

Playa Paraiso beach

5. Playa Paraiso beach

Tulum has beautiful beaches, and the Playa Paraiso beach is one of the most popular among them. It is a stunning beach with sugar-granulated sands and picturesque beauty. Of course, its an ideal family picnic spot and a great place to relax in Tulum.

6. Enjoy learning KiteBoarding

Do you want to learn an exciting KiteBoarding lesson in Tulum, Mexico? Get this unique opportunity with a one hour lesson by an expert. Enjoy a fly on the beach and gain knowledge of the power zones, wind window, and neutral. It is an exciting outdoor adventure activity, so enjoy it.

Gran Cenote

7. Visit Gran Cenote

Gran Cenote is another popular tourist attraction in Tulum. These are large pairs of partially-submerged caves and an ideal snorkeling spot for new swimmers. You’ll get snorkeling gear along with the cave tour ticket. So, visit this natural attraction and explore the caves and underwater beauty.

8. Visit the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

Located around forty miles on the northern side of Tulum, you’ll find the beautiful Punta Laguna natural reserve. During a day trip to this place, enjoy stunning natural sightseeing attractions and see unique animals like jaguars, pumas, howler monkeys, and others. It is an exciting place for a full day excursion and one of the top things for you to do in Tulum.

9. Casa Cenote

Discover Casa Cenote, which is an open-air fresh-water spring on the Mayan Riviera. It has a beautiful lagoon with transparent water perfect for swimming. Snorkeling is allowed, and it’s an excellent opportunity to explore the beautiful underwater life. Therefore, include Casa Cenote in your tour bucket list as its one of the top places to visit in Tulum.

10. Explore Ziggy Beach

If you are looking to spend a relaxing day with your family privately, Ziggy Beach club is the ideal place for you. Although there is a small entrance fee to enter this private beach club, you’ll have a mesmerizing experience. You’ll enjoy the pleasant surrounding environment; turquoise seawater, white sand bed, and restaurants serving mouthwatering seafood.

Diving Cenote

Final Verdict

There’re a few destinations around the world where you’ll find the sea, sand, and archeological artifacts together. Of course, Tulum is one of them. Marvel around the surrounding natural landscapes and explore the underwater beauty of this coastal town. There’s a daunting list of tours and activities to choose from. We’ve used our expert research to suggest the best tours and activities for you when you visit Tulum, Mexico. So, follow our list and enjoy your vacation. For more information about other exciting Tours, Click Here!


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