The beautiful city of Paris attracts millions of visitors each year. It is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination with so many spectacular things to see and do. Over here you find the world-famous skyscraper, Eiffel Tower and other brilliant architectures. If you are traveling to Paris on a short trip and want to enjoy the city top attractions, it’s a daunting task to shortlist where to go and what to see. Stick to this ultimate Paris Travel Itinerary and find out what are the best things to do in Paris in 2 Days.

A 2-day Paris Travel Itinerary

Day of Arrival

Keep fewer activities on the day of your arrival. Start your Paris Itinerary visiting the Eiffel Tower, and the world knows about this impressive architecture. The admission tickets are available at the base of the tower, however, expect a long queue. Eiffel Tower is the single attraction in Paris that draws yearly over seven million local and international visitors. The best way to beat the queue and save time is to book a skip the line ticket in advance. You have only 2 days, so you can save time and enjoy other attractions. This gigantic tower has three observatory decks, but you get the best view from the observation deck on the third floor. If you are adventure lover, try climbing up through the stairs.

How to reach the Eiffel Tower?

Catch a metro and get down at Trocadéro metro station. From here you can walk down straight and reach the base of the tower where the admission ticket office is located.

Eiffel Tower

Next, take an express train from Champs de Mars and get down at Saint Michel to reach the Latin Quarter, Paris liveliest neighborhood. Over here you can enjoy great food and drink. You can take a stroll and see the lit-up city which looks brilliant at night. Return back to the hotel and prepare yourself for the next 2 days of your stay.

Paris Itinerary: Day 1

Start your day from Les Invalides and end at Montmartre. You have only 2 days to explore Paris, therefore be prepared to stretch yourself a bit.

Les Invalides is a famous monument as it is the burial ground of Napoleon. Next visit the Musée Rodin where you find many brilliant works of art. Keep walking, and you reach Point Alexander III which is one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris. You continue walking and reach Arc de Triomphe, the impressive monument built as a memento to honor the French soldiers who died during the French revolution. Try climbing to the top of this tower and get a breathtaking view of the city.

Arc de Triomphe

Now go back to Avenue Champs-Élysées and keep walking for half an hour to reach Place de la Concorde, one of the historic landmarks in Paris. Keep walking down the Rue Royale, Paris famous shopping street and reach Place Vendôme. Cross the square and move straight ahead to reach the Louvre Museum, one of Europe’s largest Museums with around 40,000 works of art. The Louvre Museum is so big that it can’t be covered in a single day, and it’s extremely crowded. Even if you arrive early, there is a crowd. Make sure to book the Skip-the-Line tickets in advance to beat the crowd.

The Louvre Museum

Try exploring the museum as much as you can as your next stop is Montmartre to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. This is the most famous religious building in Paris. Spend some time marveling around its beauty. End your day with a grand dinner at the painter’s square and also attend the Moulin Rouge cabaret show which starts around 11 pm.

Moulin Rouge cab

Paris Itinerary: Day 2

Start your day around 9:30 am and visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is one of the most beautiful churches with some marvelous sculpture to wonder you. After leaving Notre Dame Cathedral, turn on the Rue de la Cité after crossing the square and head towards Place Louis Lépine to visit the beautiful flower market. Now take the Boulevard du Palais and after crossing the medieval Saint-Michel bridge you reach the Panthéon, one of the most important landmarks in Paris. It is a 19th-century monument with neoclassical façade and impressive architectural beauty you cannot miss.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Now, it’s time to relax and marvel around the beautiful gardens. Visit the Jardin du Luxembourg and take a stroll with an ice-cream enjoying the garden beauty. Spend a relaxing time over here and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Take lunch at the livelier streets where there are many popular restaurants serving delicious food.

Musée d’Orsay

After enjoying a gorgeous lunch, walk west on the Left Bank of the Seine to reach Musée d’Orsay, an impressive museum with works of art from the 19th century. This museum is unique as it was opened in an ancient railway station. The museum features a vast collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. You need a few hours to enjoy the Museum and marvel around its unique beauty.

Final Verdict

Do you think it’s all about Paris? Certainly not, as this amazing city has over four-hundred gardens and over hundred impressive museums. There are so many tourists visiting Paris repeatedly as the list of unique attractions is large. In case you cannot manage more than 2 days follow this Paris Travel Itinerary as it serves with the list of the most important attractions that you should not miss. If you have more time in hand or can extend your stay, check all the tours and activities in Paris.

Related Questions

What are the Major attractions covered in the two days of your arrival?

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Les Invalides, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge cabaret show, The Panthéon, The Jardin du Luxembourg.

What to eat in Paris?

French Cuisines is the world famous, and you cannot miss them. Taste these famous French dishes during lunch or dinner:

  • Coq au vin which is a unique dish prepared with chicken and vegetable and cooked in wine.
  • Foie gras which is prepared with goose liver.
  • Ratatouille which is a stewed dish. It contains aubergines, tomato, courgette, peppers and basil.


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