Copenhagen, the beautiful Danish capital city, is an awe-inspiring tourist destination to visit. It is a destination with a perfect mix of history and the vibrant crowd all over. It means there’s a lot to see and do in Copenhagen. Of course, there are tons of family-friendly attractions in Copenhagen for you to enjoy with your entire family. You’ll find the oldest amusement parks in the world located out there. In addition to it, this city is also famous for its thrilling nightlife. Enthusiastic shoppes love Copenhagen as there are delightful shopping experience waiting for them to explore.

Don’t forget; this is a cultural city. You’ll find many museums and beautiful historic sites in Copenhagen. These date backed from the Bronze and Viking age. If you are a food lover, there’s something for you equally. Copenhagen’s culinary scene is excellent, which is why food tour in Copenhagen is something which you can’t miss. We’ll now talk about the top ten things to do in Copenhagen. Our researched list includes Copenhagen’s unmissable attractions and the suggested list of the most popular tours and activities.

Ten best things to do in Copenhagen on your next holiday

1. Visit Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is the most popular attraction in Copenhagen. It is an internationally famous amusement park attracting tourists from all over the world. Undoubtedly, spending a day in this part is indeed a thrilling experience. Other than exciting rides like rollercoasters, and the Star Flyer carousel you’ll also find beautiful flower gardens, cafes to marvel around. It is also the oldest theme park in the world, so expect massive crowds whenever you visit. The best way to avoid the rush and save time is by booking skip-the-like admission tickets.

Marvel the Little Mermaid statue

2. Marvel the Little Mermaid statue

The Little Mermaid statue is an overwhelmed tourist attraction in Copenhagen. It is a beautiful statue created date backed in 1913 by the famous sculptor, Edvard Eriksen and located near the Langelinie promenade. Although small, but an international identifier Thus, make sure to keep your camera ready to take a few memorable photos.


3. Stroget

For all enthusiastic shoppers, Stroget is the ideal destination to enjoy high-class shopping experience. It is a long pedestrian street full of malls and branded stores on both sides. So, explore this place and shop until you drop. If you book a Walking tour, you’ll enjoy shopping and also explore the site easily.


4. Nyhavn

Nyhavn is the 17th-century historic waterfront area in Copenhagen and a fantastic place to visit. You’ll find beautifully painted houses on either side of this canal. All these buildings date back to the 16th-century. As you marvel around, you’ll find many cafes and bars. Also, the colorful houses were once home to many famous personalities living in the city. Therefore, make sure to take a guided tour and explore the place.

5. Visit the National Museum

If you are visiting Copenhagen with your family, you must include the National Museum in your city itinerary. It is am amazing attraction, and you need an entire day to marvel around. In this museum, you’ll find a treasure-trove of artifacts date backed from 1400BC. To understand the deep-rooted history of the place, book a guided tour. Also, make sure to book the skip-the-line tickets.

Christiansborg Palace

6. Christiansborg Palace

The Christiansborg Palace is the city’s most famous historic building housing the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office and other official buildings. This palace consists of a beautifully ornamented reception for hosting critical formal events. The interior of this building is awe-inspiring to marvel around. So, visit and explore with a guided tour to learn more.

Botanical Garden

7. Botanical Garden

When the city has a Botanical Garden, and you’re with your family, its something you can’t miss. Centering the town, you’ll find this beautiful ten hectares greenspace. Inside, you’ll find a glasshouse having over two-hundred years old plant species. It also houses over thirteen thousand unique plant species. So, it’s an excellent opportunity for kids and adults alike to learn about a fantastic bio-diversity.

Rosenborg Castle

8. Rosenborg Castle

Copenhagen is full of historical sites. This 16th-century ancient castle is a classic example of the city’s enriched history. Take a tour to marvel around, and you’ll enjoy the brilliant interior. There the king’s chambers, his bathrooms and other essential areas for you to browse around. You’ll also see the sparkling Venetian glass and Flora Danica dinnerware from the 17th-century; genuinely magnificent.

9. Bakken Amusement Park

When in Copenhagen don’t exclude the amusement parks from your itinerary list. Of course, include the Bakken Amusement Park in your city itinerary. It is a famous touristic attraction and top-rated among children and adults alike. Visit this park and enjoy its thrilling rides to spend an exciting day.

10. Amager Beach Park

Amager Beach Park is a beautiful artificial island and an unmissable attraction in the city. You can visit this place to relax and enjoy various beach activities. Also, visit the windmill park, which is on the other side of the beach. Visit this place to spend an entire day with your family and have unlimited fun!

Final Verdict

So, what’s your thought about this Danish capital city? How do you want to explore it? Of course, the choices are many. But choose the best tours and activities to maximize your experience. It is what we have done and suggested the ideal tours and activities in Copenhagen. However, the list is long and to explore all of them, Click Here!


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