Hungary’s capital city Budapest is undoubtedly one of the trendiest travel destinations in Europe. It is a beautiful place to visit with family and friends. Budapest is often known as lover’s paradise as you find many romantic couples marveling around the city. It is also an amazing city full of history, culture, nice museums and exotic nightlife. In this city you find some of the most beautiful monuments like the Buda Castle, The Parliament, The Chain Bridge, etc. There are numerous places in Budapest for ultimate fun and relaxation. Visiting the Spas in Budapest is one such amazing experience and it’s loved by couples. The Széchenyi Spa is one of the best spas to visit in Budapest. Over here is a list of the best things to do in Budapest, the award-winning destination of 2019.

The Best Things to Do in Budapest, Hungary

Parliament Building

Visit the Parliament Building

The Parliament Building is one of the largest buildings in Hungary and built in the Gothic Revival style. This impressive building is basically the home to hundreds of parliamentary offices. A part of this impressive building is kept open for the public where you can visit and marvel around. Tours to visit the Parliament building is a popular activity and it runs in different languages. It is always best to book a guided tour with skip-the-line tickets.

Visit Gellért Baths

Getting a spa experience is Budapest is something to remember for life. The Gellert Bath and Spa center is one of the best spas in the town where you must visit. It has an open-air wave pool, Finnish sauna and multiple plunge pools. It is a great experience taking the medicated spa treatment over here for a relaxing experience. The spa complex is beautifully built in the Art Nouveau style date backed in 1912. Visit this spa and enjoy the bathing experience in the medicated water for a unique experience.

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Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square is a legendary place to visit in Budapest. Over here you find an iconic monument featuring the Seven Chieftains of the Magyar’s depictions. At the central pillar of this historic tower, you find Archangel Gabriel holding the Hungarian crown. On both sides of the central column, there are two colonnades depicting various historical Hungarian figures. The best way to visit and explore this place is to take a Segway Tour.

Margaret Island

Margaret Island

Margaret Island is a beautiful island located in the middle of the Danube and stretched across an area of over 2.5 Km. The best way to explore this beautiful island is by renting pedal carts, golf carts or self-powered vehicles. There is a beautiful 5.5 km long running track surrounding the island where you can spot joggers during the early morning. Important things to see on this island include a beautiful musical fountain and a small aviary. Visit the Margaret Island and enjoy watching the dancing fountain which is of great fun.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica is one of the beautiful churches to visit in Hungary. This holy building was built by the first King of Hungary. Tourist entering the church must follow certain decorum keeping their knees and shoulders covered. From the dome of this church, you get breathtaking views of the beautiful Budapest City. The church also organizes various musical concerts which you can enjoy during your Visit.

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Széchenyi Spa

Get a relaxing experience at the Széchenyi Spa

You cannot leave Budapest unless experiencing the Spa. Széchenyi Spa is Europe’s best spa offering the world’s most fabulous thermal baths. It is a neo-Baroque Széchenyi Bath opened in 1913 and one of the top tourist attractions to visit in Budapest. There are around eighteen pools offering the largest medicinal bath in Europe. The main attractions include bathing in the natural hot spring waters which have many health benefits and healing effects. You also find saunas and outdoor swimming pools inside the premises. You can also get a relaxing massage treatment at the Spa, but you need to book in advance. This is an overcrowded place and you must book tickets in advance. Skip-the-line tickets are available which gives instant confirmation and saves your time.

Final Verdict

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Europe. Every year over thirty-million tourists visits Budapest to marvel around the city and its attractions. The list of attraction and tours to do in Budapest are over thousands. If you are visiting for the first time, stick to this list for the best hand-picked tours and activities to do in Budapest and enjoy a fantastic holiday.


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