Hello readers! Venice, Florence, Verona – what’s your favorite destination? It isn’t easy to choose, huh! But why? Well, these are the best-rated tourist destination in the world. With tons of exciting activities and things to see and do, these are the treasure-trove destinations; we’re only passing the comments we’ve received from millions of global tourists. 

That’s good, but when traveling is not possible under the ongoing circumstances, how to explore these places? If you’ve got this question in your mind, we’ve got an answer for you! Wow! That’s cool! 

We’ll tell you about the global hot-spot DIY Activities that you can enjoy remotely; without traveling out there. Does it sound interesting, huh?

Other than the natural beauty, history, and culture to explore in these European cities, they’re also famous for some unique tours; those tops the list in any European travel Itinerary.

Next up: Cooking, Wine tasting, painting; the top three most popular tours and activities that tourists book to get a new and unique experience. The good news is, you can have a similar experience right from your Home. Yup! It’ll be an online experience but through a live DIY demonstration. 

Are you thrilled? Let’s start the journey then.

Learn cooking Italian food with an online Masterclass

If you’re in Italy, your tour is incomplete unless you take a culinary retreat. Of course, it’s for food culture. Since you can’t travel now, there’s a fantastic alternative. You’ll learn the art of cooking Italian food with an online Masterclass, and that’s live.

It means you’ll be able to interact directly with Italian chefs and learn how to cook Italian cuisines. You’ll learn the secret recipes to cook Tagliatelle, Gnudi, Tiramisu, and other famous Italian dishes. 

You’ll be flexible in choosing a recipe of your choice and buying the ingredients in advance. On the selected day, you’ll learn the art of cooking it directly from the Italian chef. Well, what do you expect by the end of the class? The delicious Italian meal is ready for your dinner plate. Voila! 

Next Up: Book the Florence, Live Virtual Italian Cooking Class, and relish your taste buds with Italian flavors sitting at Home! 

Learn to make Risotto with Chef Cristina

Have you heard about the Italian risotto? It’s a fantastic dish that’ll relish your taste buds; it’s tempting, huh? Why don’t you learn how to make it and give it a try? Don’t worry! Chef Cristina will teach you how to make the most exquisite Italian risotto, how? 

When you book the Verona: Live Risotto-Making Class with Chef Cristina, you’ll learn to make this unique dish. It’s not through recorded videos. Instead, it’ll be a live class by video call. Thus, DIY the technique along with the chef and prepare a mouth-watering traditional Italian risotto. 

Book a virtual wine tasting experience tour

Wow! Wine tasting tours! Yup! We know that it always tops your itinerary list. If you book a virtual wine tasting experience tour, it’ll be a walk through the best Italian wines in Tuscany. Incredible, huh! 

So, learn about the best of Tuscany wines like the Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. Take a vineyard tour and discover how it’s prepared out there. It’ll be an unforgettable experience, and we bet that! 

Join a Virtual watercolor painting workshop 

Do you love painting? Well, the art culture in Venice is one of the hot-spot attractions for everyone to explore. You can join a Virtual watercolor painting workshop and sharpen your artistic skills. 

The good news is, you’ll learn it from Nicola, the famous Venetian artist who decorated the Fenice Opera House. Why are you waiting then? Take a blank canvas and brush and start painting. Of course, you’ll draw a fantastic portrait! 

Take part in the Carnival Mask-Painting Workshop.

Mask painting is an essential cultural event in Venice. You’ll get an opportunity to learn it when you book the Virtual Carnival Mask-Painting Workshop. It’s a historical tradition, and you’ll get a chance to learn about it from the traditional Venetian artist, Giorgio. 

Final Thoughts

When there’s an opportunity to learn the global hot-spot tourist destination’s tradition and culture, why miss it? Follow this list of the global hot-spot DIY Activities and enjoy exploring unique activities remotely. The experience will be amazing, and you’ve to believe us! 


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