How can you explore tourist spots sitting at home? There’s enough reason for you to think alike, and all of us know it, correct? And what’s that? Well, it’s for the Coronavirus pandemic resulting in travel restrictions and lockdowns all over the globe.

Hard Consequences: We’ve to opt-out of our travel plan, cancel flight and hotel tickets, and lock ourselves inside; it’s a hard reality, and there’s no option to deny. Well, is there a way to explore the beautiful places around the globe sitting at home? Good News is, there is!

Hey, hold on as we’ll be discussing it shortly.

Before that, let’s shortlist the unmissable tours and activities that most tourists include in their travel itinerary. Indeed, it’s a daunting task, but don’t worry!

We’ve done the shortlisting for all those famous tours and activities that you can take sitting at home; there’s nothing that can stop your mind from traveling, huh!

Pro Travel Tips: There’s a bunch of virtual tours and activities available. You’ll be able to learn about the famous travel destinations and activities to do out there. You can even take a virtual cooking class and learn to cook a renowned dish, sitting at home. Isn’t that incredibly exciting?

Let’s begin then.

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

If you’re in NYC, you can’t leave it without visiting the Met Museum; it’s one of the most popular tours and always tops the NYC travel itinerary. The good news is, there’s an excellent opportunity for you to explore this beautiful museum sitting at home, how?

The New York City: Met Museum Online Tour is there for that. It’s also a guided tour where a local guide will be explaining to you about the attraction. It’ll be an incredible one-hour adventure journey that’ll take you back in ancient history.

It houses treasure-trove masterpiece collection of elegant Egyptian arts and other priceless edifices. You’ll learn exciting stories from your guide. Indeed, it’ll be an exciting virtual journey at a fraction of the original cost. Book Now!

St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice

St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice

Wow! The floating city of Venice. You shouldn’t feel disappointed if you’ve to cancel your plan to visit this city. There’s an opportunity for you to explore this fascinating attraction sitting at home; we’ve got a virtual tour to explore the St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice.

It’ll be a guided tour where you’ll learn about the enriched history of this historical church. You’ll take a tour and discover unique arts and symbols; those present inside. Indeed, you’ll also learn about Piazza San Marco; there’s a fascinating story behind its construction. The most significant advantage is, it’s an online journey that’ll take you right over there.

The Acropolis in Athens

The Acropolis in Athens

Who doesn’t know about the Acropolis in Athens? Indeed, it’s an unmissable attraction when you visit Greece. Don’t get upset if there’s a disruption in your travel plan for the ongoing situation, and you can’t travel there. Solution: Athens: Virtual Tour of the Acropolis will take you to Greece through an exciting online journey.

It’s an engaging guided virtual tour where you’ll learn about this famous historical attraction. As you travel back in time, you’ll learn about unknown fascinating historical facts. You’ll also gain valuable insights into this iconic landmark.

The archeological site of Delphi

Explore the archeological site of Delphi

There’s good news for all history lovers and what’s that? If you’re unable to travel to the remarkable archeological site of Delphi, don’t worry. We’ve got the Delphi: Self-Guided Virtual Tour. So, you can enjoy exploring it from your home.

It’s a guided tour, and you’ll learn about interesting historical facts. You’ll travel to prehistoric times, around 4th century BC. You’ll also admire the picturesque views of the surrounding landscapes; awe-inspiring. Are you ready then to immerse yourself?

Learn how to cook an Italian Desert, Tiramisu

Wow! Italian dessert! It tastes incredibly well, correct? Do you know how to prepare it? Since you can’t travel now, there’s a cool way to learn Italian cooking sitting at home, and what’s that? You can join a virtual cooking class and learn the art of cooking directly from an Italian chef.

When you book the Verona: Live Italian Tiramisu Cooking Class, you’ll learn to prepare a famous Italian cake from the Italian Chef, Cristina. It’ll be a detailed session where the Chef will explain the baking process from the beginning until the end. Indeed, there’ll be a live video conference call between you and the Chef.

So, get yourself ready and book this virtual cooking class to learn the art of Italian cooking directly from the Chef’s kitchen!   

Final Idea

Don’t you think it’s exciting to start exploring around with these virtual tours and activities? They’re not expensive, and you can enjoy exploring the places sitting at home. You’ll get the real travel experience, even though it’ll be an online journey; the local tour guide will give you that feeling.

We insist, give it a try! You’ll enjoy it, and we bet that!


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